German Marquez
Colorado Rockies


62.4% Thrown  93.3 MPH

Marquez did a good job of pounding the zone with his Four-Seamer last season, earning a 58.3% zone rate last year with his 93.5mph heat.


28.5% Thrown  78.5 MPH

Marquez's strikeout pitch is a decent hook that he can also throw for a strike when he needs one during at-bats. A 16.2% whiff rate, 50.5% zone rate and 65.0% groundball rate from last year should spell success moving forward if the small sample pans out over a full season.


9.1% Thrown  82.8 MPH

Marquez uses his Changeup sparingly, which doesn't have a whole lot of movement. It's his third pitch that needs a little bit of work if he expects to be a starter.