Daniel Mengden
Oakland Athletics


56.1% Thrown  92.1 MPH

Mengden uses a Four-Seamer using the old "weak flyball" mentality of pitching...which didn't go so well with a 17.6% HR/FB rate and 32.8% line drive rate last season.


12.0% Thrown  74.9 MPH

Mengden gets a ton of vertical drop on his Curveball - three inches above average worth - but he can't throw it in the zone for the life of him with a 27.4% rate and its low O-swing of 27.2% doesn't justify the lack of pitches in the zone.


16.9% Thrown  86.9 MPH

Mengden's #2 pitch is a Slider that was...fine last year. It had a decent zone rate at 47.1% meaning he could rely on it when he needed to get off his Fastball and while his 11.8% whiff rate leaves more to be desired, a decent 35.0% O-Swing rate helped him use the pitch to get through at-bats.


15.0% Thrown  81.3 MPH

Mengden used his Changeup to get strikes (56.6% zone rate) and induce grounders when he needed them (51.3% rate). It's rare to see a pitch have a higher walk rate than strikeout rate, especially when he only walked batters 6.4% of the time.