Carlos Martinez
St. Louis Cardinals


57.3% Thrown  95.6 MPH

It's a near even mix of Two-Seamers and Four-Seamers from Cmart, both of which dominated hitters last year. He focuses his Two-Seamer inside to right-handers, jamming them often leading to a crazy good 66.5% groundball rate with the pitch. Meanwhile, his Four-Seamer is used more for elevating his heater and working the outside edge. It's a great combination that works well with the other weapons in his arsenal.


23.5% Thrown  84.8 MPH

Call it Slider or Curveball, this breaking ball is legit. Coming in near 85mph with excellent late bite is a beautiful thing to watch, while batters were held to just a .061 ISO against the pitch. Its strikeout rate? A marvelous 48.1% while Cmart could also throw it for a strike with ease.


19.2% Thrown  87.0 MPH

You may come to see Martinez begin to embrace the Changeup in 2017, as the pitch earned three extra inches of both vertical and horizontal movement than the typical Changeup. It also continued Martinez's goal of generating a ton of grounders boasting a strong 64.4% ground ball rate. Excellent stuff that should propel the pitch closer to 20% usage in 2017.