Brock Stewart
Los Angeles Dodgers


63.9% Thrown  93.2 MPH

There's good velocity on Stewart's Four-Seamer while he's also able to throw it for strikes constantly. Problem is, those strikes might be a little too good, as his allowed .931 OPS for the pitch isn't encouraging. A little better command around the edges would go a long way for the young Los Angeles arm.


16.9% Thrown  85.7 MPH

The sole breaking pitch in Stewart's repertoire is a Slider that worked on all levels - a solid 48.2% zone rate with an elite 21.0% whiff rate mixed with a whopping 75% groundball mark all point to a plus pitch. Despite it's relatively low usage last season, expect it to rise moving forward as his confidence in the pitch continues to grow.


19.2% Thrown  81.1 MPH

Stewart gets plenty of whiffs with his Changeup and loves to use it when ahead of batters. It gets excellent horizontal ride that moves nearly three inches more than typical right-handed slow balls, while Stewart does a good job of placing just underneath the strikezone - his sub 30% zone rate seems more intended than an indication of command issues.