Alec Asher
Baltimore Orioles


59.4% Thrown  89.5 MPH

It might not look all too impressive, but Asher's ability to through his Two-Seamer for strikes (58.0% zone rate) gave him a chance to be productive with his Fastball and luck shone on him last season - just a .182 BABIP allowed despite a horrendous 32.6% line drive rate. Don't expect he sub 90s heater to prolong its above-average numbers.


21.9% Thrown  80.0 MPH

Pitch f/x claims Asher throws a Curveball & a Slider, though they look awfully close to each other. Regardless, Asher's breaking ball was just like his Fastball - nothing special but a major benefactor of good luck that he was able to keep in the zone.


1.7% Thrown  82.4 MPH

Very similar to his Curveball, Pitchf/x claims Asher threw just seven of these all year. Like his deuce, the pitch is questionably serviceable and nothing more.


17.1% Thrown  81.0 MPH

If you're looking for Asher's "Put Away" pitch, his Changeup is as close as you'll find with above average movement and a solid 15.3% whiff rate. The pitch was crushed last season as it didn't feature the same blessings from lady luck, rendering a .467 BABIP and 50% LD rate. If Asher is going to be a consistent pitcher in the majors, this Changeup will be the reason why.