Adam LaRoche’s Curveball + The Best Pitches From This Weekend’s Games

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Congrats to Carlos Martinez’s Fastball for winning GIF of the Week! Generating that much movement at 96 MPH is simply too deadly.

Adam LaRoche’s Curveball – It was a blowout in Friday’s ChiSox loss to the visiting Yankees, allowing veteran LaRoche to get a shot on the hill. He even struck out Brendan Ryan and earned his first strike with this 62 MPH “Curveball.”

Gerrit Cole’s Slider – While he didn’t leave with the Win on Saturday, Cole still struck out eight Red batters. His stuff has been filthy for a while now, but Brandon Phillips had some words for himself after badly missing on this outside Slider.

Ivan Nova’s Fastball – It was Nova’s most dominant outing of the season Sunday against the White Sox, and his Fastball had some serious life to it. Here Geovany Soto can’t square up the barrel on an inside 93 MPH Fastball with some serious sink on it.

Clayton Kershaw’s Curveball – It’s always fun to watch Kershaw’s Curveball, and after he mowed down superstar Bryce Harper with his signature hook a few weeks ago, now it was time for perennial MVP candidate Mike Trout to get dealt a hefty dose.

R.A. Dickey’s Knuckleball – Dickey made some great pitches en route to a Blue Jays victory over the Royals, including this nasty Knuckler in the first to Lorenzo Cain. Notice how badly Cain missed the pitch in the slow-mo shot. (Thanks to Reddit user tomstoms for the tip!)

Cesar Ramos’ Curveball – Ramos isn’t a name that often appears in these roundups, but he whipped out a 69 MPH bender that stunned Alberto Callaspo for the backwards K. (Thanks to Reddit user out_of_816 for the tip!)

Zack Greinke’s Fastball – We all know Greinke has been on fire this season, but watching Albert Pujols flail at this perfectly placed 94 MPH back-door Fastball really brings it home.

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