Wily Peralta
Kansas City Royals


63.4% Thrown  94.6 MPH

Without secondary pitches he can throw for strikes, batters sit back and tee off on both of Peralta's Fastballs. Regardless of his Four-Seamer or Two-Seamer, batters held OPS numbers above .870 with HR/FB rates above 20%.


32.2% Thrown  84.5 MPH

Peralta's best offering is a slide piece that can miss bats at a good rate. However, he needs a secondary pitch to rely on for a strike and Peralta holds a 38.6% career zone rate with his slide piece. This leads to batters simply not engaging with his Slider and sitting on his heater constantly.


4.4% Thrown  85.0 MPH

Peralta hardly touches his Changeup and for good reason: He can't locate it for a strike and batters simply aren't chasing swinging through the pitch as they made contact at a startling 91.9% rate in 2016.