Shelby Miller
Arizona Diamondbacks


63.9% Thrown  92.9 MPH

Miller lost a tick on his Four-Seamer velocity, dropping from 94+mph to just under 93mph in 2016. The result was a near 5 point drop in whiff rate as batters hit liners off the pitch over 10 points more often.


11.7% Thrown  79.1 MPH

There was a major loss in movement from Miller's Curveball, losing nearly two inches of horizontal bend and an inch of drop. No wonder batters held a career high 29.0% line drive rate against the pitch.


4.9% Thrown  85.8 MPH

It was a struggle all around for Miller in 2016, with his Changeup finding the zone less often and inducing fewer whiffs. It could be a product of its dip in movement or the ineffectiveness of his Fastball that didn't give him a proper foundation to setup the slow ball.


19.5% Thrown  88.2 MPH

It was Miller's Cutter in 2015 that helped him earn a low 3.02 ERA, but its 14.2 pVAL diminished to a poor -5.2 last season as he lost over 10 points in zone rate and his induced IFFB rate dropped from 34.4% to a tiny 8.3% mark.