Patrick Corbin
Arizona Diamondbacks


63.6% Thrown  91.6 MPH

When pitchers have poor seasons, the fault most often lies in their Fastball and Corbin is no exception. Whether it was his Four-Seamer or Two-Seamer, Corbin simply couldn't get the job done. His straight heater was smacked for a 31.1% line drive and 21.1% HR/FB rate while struggling to find the plate with his Two-Seamer. And when he did? An increased contact rate of 91.2% and an allowed .866 OPS.


26.5% Thrown  80.4 MPH

Despite his incredibly rocky 2016, Corbin still retained his elite Slider, as it whiffed batters at a 22.5% rate. The problem was that he failed to locate it over the plate, throwing strikes with the pitch just 23.2% of the time. Sure, he got chases off the plate, but batters wised up and offered at the pitch under 50% of the time, electing to wait for the spin of his Fastball instead.


9.8% Thrown  84.7 MPH

The biggest issue with Corbin's Changeup isn't the mediocre movement, but rather the lack of ability to throw it for a strike. His Slider is the primary putaway pitch, meaning Corbin needs a third option to throw strikes with when batters are geared up for his Fastballs. A 30.7% strike rate on his Changeup isn't going to cut it.