Matt Harvey
New York Mets


59.2% Thrown  94.5 MPH

We saw a small dip in Harvey's Four-Seamer velocity last season, which may have been a product of his TOS that forced him to under-go surgery in July of 2016. His command of the pitch was slightly worse as well - in 2013 and 2015, he elevated the pitch more effectively, while sitting closer to the heart of the plate in 2016.


10.3% Thrown  82.0 MPH

A major problem for Harvey last year was his inability to throw his deuce for a strike, dropping from a 52.9% zone rate in 2015 to just 38.3% in 2016. That led to fewer swings on the pitch (a 9 point drop!) and fewer free strikes for a pitch that used to be a reliable way to get ahead in the count.


19.4% Thrown  88.7 MPH

Harvey's Slider was a peculiar animal in 2016. On one hand, he maintained his whiff rate while setting a career high in O-Swing at 42.6%, yet batters took more hacks for more contact as the pitch lost nearly two inches of vertical drop. This result ed in much lower K rate and a near .300 point boost in allowed OPS.


11.2% Thrown  86.9 MPH

The same problems that caused Harvey's Four-Seamer to fizzle applied to his Changeup as well, this time with fewer whiffs (11.4% despite a career 15.3% mark) and batters holding a sturdy .245 ISO against the slow ball.