Matt Boyd


61.0% Thrown  91.2 MPH

It's Four-Seamers all day with Boyd, which had limited success in 2016. While he did a great job of hitting the zone, it's flyball heavy approach was nullified by a concerning HR/FB rate of 14.1%. He'll need to work on his command of the pitch, reducing its time spent in the middle of the plate.


10.8% Thrown  73.7 MPH

Boyd features a tight Curve with good horizontal bend, though not enough deception to turn it into a major strikeout pitch. Batters rarely chased it out of the zone (just a 17.6% O-Swing rate in 2016) as batters simply elected to let the pitch go by over 75% of the time.


12.0% Thrown  83.2 MPH

Boy'd primary breaking ball is a Slider that gets the job done. He turns to it as his putaway pitch, featuring a solid 35.2% K rate as he placed the ball near right-handers' ankles, getting them to chase over 45% of the time.


16.0% Thrown  79.4 MPH

With most Four-Seamer heavy pitchers, a good Changeup can become a great one and Boy'ds is no exception. Instead of focusing on vertical drop, Boyd gets a ton of whiffs (21.2% rate!) using its massive 11mph difference. The result was just a ridiculous 45.3% O-Swing mixed with a 52.4% zone rate. Expect its usage to rise in 2017.