Luke Weaver
St. Louis Cardinals


59.4% Thrown  91.9 MPH

It starts with Weaver's Four-Seamer as he sets the tone with pitches inside the zone, setting up his deadly Changeup. Location needs a little bit of fine tuning as precision near the knees would be devastating when paired with his slow ball.


7.8% Thrown  79.6 MPH

Weaver's sole breaking ball is a decent Curveball that doesn't do enough to be a major part of his repertoire just yet. He would benefit greatly from a solid deuce, using it as a surprise option to earn strikeouts and get ahead in the count early as batters prepare for his two primary pitches. Hopefully he can develop the pitch further in 2017.


24.2% Thrown  83.3 MPH

The belle of the ball is Weaver's Changeup, which has excellent deception as it mimics his Fastball perfectly. Pair that with pristine location at the bottom of the zone and below it and it adds up to an elite 46.7% O-Swing rate and 19.4% whiff rate.


8.7% Thrown  87.7 MPH

A Cutter seems like the best option for a fourth pitch from Weaver, adding extra deception on his Fastball/Changeup combination to continue inducing weak contact. There's plenty of room to grow with its command, though it's a pitch to monitor as Weaver gains more time in the bigs.