Julio Urias
Los Angeles Dodgers


56.1% Thrown  92.5 MPH

Urias exclusively throws Four-Seamers and does so with solid command, nibbling at the edges while also using his extra vertical "rise" to exploit batters up in the zone. It set a great foundation for his stellar secondary pitches, while touching 95+mph as well, earning him a solid 10.0% whiff rate with the pitch last season.


16.0% Thrown  75.9 MPH

While he held just a 17.1% K rate with his deuce in 2016, expect that number to rise in the future as it carries nearly three inches of extra horizontal bend that has batters keeping the bat on their shoulders over 70% of the time despite a whopping 51.1% zone rate. The pitch freezes hitters and will be a force to be reckoned with for years to come.


14.8% Thrown  84.8 MPH

It will be interesting to watch Urias use his Slider moving forward as the pitch can be a flexible tool to match with his Changeup as a way to keep batters off his heater. It has late bite despite not a ton of vertical drop, which led to an exceptional 53.1% groundball mark last season. His ability to toss it for strikes is impressive and will help him keep the basepaths clear.


13.0% Thrown  80.0 MPH

The deadliest pitch in Urias' repertoire is his Changeup, which has plenty of deception when mixed well with his Four-Seamer. He earned an excellent 19.0% whiff rate and a high 40.0% O-Swing rate on the pitch in 2016, numbers that seem very repeatable moving forward.