Jharel Cotton
Oakland Athletics


47.5% Thrown  92.2 MPH

Cotton's approach is a Four-Seamer mixed with a Changeup that take advantage of the spacious Oakland Collesium from plenty of pop-ups as batters swing under his heater and whiff over his Changeup. It worked out last year, earning a stellar 47.1% infield pop-up rate with his heater last season.


7.8% Thrown  77.7 MPH

Breaking balls are not Cotton's focus, though the 34 he threw last year by way of the Curve looked like a solid option for the back of his arsenal.


16.4% Thrown  88.7 MPH

Cotton showed off a Cutter that had impressive numbers in its small sample size - a near 60% zone rate paired with an elite 22.2% whiff rate. We'll see if he'll be able to keep it up through a full season, but it's certainly an impressive start.


28.3% Thrown  77.1 MPH

The Changeup is the second-in-command that pairs perfectly with Cotton's Fastball. Excellent deception and masking of the pitch allowed him to earn an excellent 17.7% whiff rate with a 40.0% O-Swing rate for the pitch, while allowing just one hit among the 124 thrown.