Garrett Richards
Los Angeles Angels


53.7% Thrown  95.7 MPH

Richards spltis between a Four-Seamer and Two-Seamer, though the latter would work so well if he increased his Cutter usage to pair it. Either way, both generate grounders often, holding a career 50%+ groundball rate with both pitches. Did I mention he averaged 95.7mph on both pitches last year?


3.6% Thrown  79.5 MPH

Richards' Curveball is an interesting pitch. On one hand, its vertical movement is among the elite of Curveballs in the majors, but he barely throws the pitch, never throwing it more than 200 times in a season. In the past, it was used as a surprise strikeout pitch, getting whiffs when out of the zone and stunning batters when it landed over the plate.


24.4% Thrown  88.4 MPH

Richards' favorite #2 pitch is a Slider that he gets a bunch of whiffs with - a career 17.2% rate for the pitch with an excellent 40.1% O-Swing rate. The pitch helps with the groundball approach, as its bonus 3.2 inches of vertical drop give it a career 55.2% groundball rate.


10.6% Thrown  88.5 MPH

Richards started integrating a Changeup last season and in its small sample it was performing well - 15.4% whiff rate and a 33.3% O-Swing rate. That made have been a product of surprise since no one was aware Richards threw a Changeup in the first place.


7.7% Thrown  95.1 MPH

Richards cut down on his Cutter last year, though that could be a Pitchf/x anomaly. The pitch has a ton of potential, being a perfect counterpart to his Two-Seamer, whizzing in the opposite direction at the same elite velocity. He's excellent at keeping in the zone, making it a great asset to play off of.