Chris Sale
Boston Red Sox


55.8% Thrown  93.0 MPH

Sale made the switch in 2016 to finally go exclusive with a Two-Seamer and he was rewarded with the highest Fastball pVal of his career at 14.7. Fun fact: Sale gets nearly two extra inches of both vertical and horizontal movement on his Two-Seamer, helping him earn a near 10% swinging strike rate on the pitch. That's incredibly high for a running Fastball that normally induces weak contact and not flat-out whiffs.


25.0% Thrown  78.5 MPH

For all its absolute nastiness, a 15.9% whiff rate might seem a bit low for Sale's devastating pitch, though it earned a ton of weak contact - 34.4% IFFB! - and he made an effort to throw more benders for strikes raising his zone rate from 38.3% to 44.5% last season. Mixed with the highest O-Swing rate since 2012 and there's no need to worry about its relatively low whiff rate.


19.2% Thrown  86.2 MPH

After using his Changeup as a strikeout pitch in 2015, Sale elected to nearly abandon the pitch entirely against left-handers in 2016 and it was a major reason for his dip in strikeout production. Look for the pitch's usage rate to increase in the season ahead as the pitch is simply too good to hold back after his failed "pitch to contact" experiment last season.