A.J. Griffin
Texas Rangers


54.0% Thrown  87.7 MPH

When your heated comes in slower than 88 MPH, you'll need to pair it with fantastic secondary offerings and pristine location. Griffin does a decent job of avoiding the heart of the plate, but he's not a good enough finesse pitcher to turn it into a positive asset.


18.8% Thrown  66.6 MPH

It's often fun to watch big, slow hooks make professional batters squirm in the box and Griffin's is as slow as they come at 66.6 mph. It has been his best pitch through his career, which shouldn't be a surprise when it has a solid whiff rate - 13.2% - and he can get it over the plate for a strike at a 46.3% mark.


17.0% Thrown  83.1 MPH

There isn't much to get excited about with Griffin's Slider, which allowed a 25.8% LD rate and a staggering HR/FB mark of 33.3% last season. The pitch's allowed ISO? A monstrous .338. Ouch.


10.1% Thrown  81.0 MPH

Griffin had plenty of success with his Changeup prior to his return to the bigs in 2016, earning 11.1 in pVals in two seasons. Last year, the pitch was far from its former self, missing both horizontal and vertical movement, and effectively turning batters into Mike Trout when he threw the pitch, allowing a 182 wRC+.