Zack Godley’s Curveball + The Nastiest Pitching GIFs From Thursday’s Games

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Zack Godley’s Curveball – The Dbacks keep on winning, and Godley has turned into a top of the line starter out of the blue, including an 8 inning gem last night. Godley has great command, and is able to change eye levels well with his Curveball. Nolan Arenado sees a high Fastball before the ball breaks off the plate.

Matt Belisle’s Sliders – Belisle’s 2017 has been a breakout year, and it certainly came out of the blue for the nondescript career middle reliever. These two Sliders breaking in under the hands of Richard Urena are so similar it’s tough to tell which GIF is which without looking at the count.

Jose Berrios’ Curveball – Berrios pitched well last night on a night when his Fastball control wasn’t at its best, and as always he threw a video game like Curveball to Jose Bautista for the swinging K.

Luke Weaver’s Fastball – Weaver is giving Cardinals fans something to look forward to next year after a disappointing 2017 in St. Louis. Weaver’s Fastball is straight as an arrow, but at 96 MPH on the black Joey Votto couldn’t pull the trigger and got saddled with a backwards K.

Braden Shipley’s Curveball – Shipley was one of the few standouts in a barren Dbacks minor leagues this year, and he’s working out of the bullpen in September in preparation for the playoffs. Shipley’s Curveball is his out pitch, and he threw a good one to Alex Amarista that goes from the letters down to the dirt sharply.

Adam Ottavino’s Slider – Ottavino’s shaken off his long DL stint, and in September has shown he’s capable of finishing games. This Slider to Ketel Marte has great horizontal bite and Marte isn’t happy he swung through feebly.

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