Tyler Glasnow’s Curveball and the Nastiest Pitches From 5/10

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Tyler Glasnow’s Curveball



At this point, I’m starting to run out of superlatives to describe how ridiculous Tyler Glasnow’s curveball is. Brett Gardner gives us a solid entrant for ugliest swings of the year though, as Glasnow continued cruising to a sterling ERA  of 1.47.


Zack Greinke’s Curveball



The most ridiculous thing about this curveball from Zack Greinke is that it’s a full 15 MPH slower than the aforementioned Tyler Glasnow one, yet just as absolutely filthy. Nevermind that I faced pitches faster than this one playing baseball in middle school, Greinke uses it so masterfully in conjunction with the rest of his repertoire that even a veteran as seasoned as Josh Donaldson gets given the Baryshnikov treatment.


Zack Britton’s Sinker



It’s a Zack Attack double feature today, as the former best reliever in baseball leaves Avisail Garcia swinging at a whole lot of air. His 3.52 ERA may not hold a candle to the bonkers stats he put up in Baltimore, but it’s a perfectly fine start to Zack Britton’s 2019 campaign.


Ryan Pressly’s Curveball



Ryan Pressly busted out his best stuff to lay the smackdown on Ronald Guzman here, a clean inning on Friday lowering his season ERA to …. 0.00.


Justin Verlander’s Slider



Moving on to Pressly’s Houston teammate, Justin Verlander shows Choo not to mess with the better half of Texas with this ridiculous slider, as Verlander picked up the win Friday. The future Hall of Famer secured his fifteenth career win against the Rangers, a team he’s consistently mowed down in his career.


Adam Ottavino’s Cutter



I’d love the opportunity to talk to Tommy Pham about this at-bat, and just what in the name of all that is holy he thought he was going to hit with that swing. Adam Ottavino hurling frisbees out there doesn’t help but come on Tommy, you’re making it look too easy.


GIF of the Night


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