The Nastiest 32 Pitching GIFs of 2018 – Round 3

Chris Sale tried a little bit too hard on this slider. Knowing full well that hustling isn’t exactly Manny Machado’s thing, he easily could’ve flipped in a get-me-over slider. But if you’re going to put a punctuation mark on the World Series, you might as well do it in style. In the lone slider v. slider matchup of the round, Sale’s goes against one from Dylan Maples that looks sharper and sharper by the second. Watch it like 25 times in-a-row and you’ll get the idea.

Chris Sale’s Slider #1 vs. Dylan Maples’ Slider


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Nick Friar

Nick pitched at Northwestern University from 2011-14. He firmly believes the answer to every count and situation is a changeup — probably because he only topped out at 91. Nick runs the GIF Tournaments at Pitcher List. If you see a pitch that deserves recognition, let him know on Twitter @Nick_Friar. Maybe give him a follow, too? Or not. Actually, "not" might be the right answer here.


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