The 8 Nastiest Pitches From Friday

The Nastiest Pitches from Friday’s games

Every morning, the We Love Baseball crew reviews the Nastiest Pitches from the previous day’s games. If you see something you think should be included here be sure to tweet @PitcherList to let us know. Or, if you’re a PL+ Member and part of our Discord, shout it out in the Nastiest Pitches channel. If your suggestion is included the next day, you’ll be entered into a weekly drawing for a free t-shirt. If you’re not already a PL+ member, you’re missing out!


Max Scherzer’s Cutter


Watching Scherzer in the postseason is the peak of baseball. He only used his cutter 9% of the time during the regular season, but it was excellent. A 43.1% O-Swing%, 22.2% Swinging Strike%, and .204 xwOBA are all fantastic.


Alek Manoah’s Slider


Manoah is likely to pitch in many more playoff games throughout his career and one can expect his slider to play a big role in those games. He relies on it a lot, but it got surprisingly average results in 2022, this despite getting about 4″ more horizontal movement than the average MLB slider.


Luis Castillo’s Sinker


Castillo badly ties up Vlad with this sinker. He came up big in this one, allowing no runs in 7.1 IP, further justifying the Mariners’s trade for him. His sinker isn’t what it once was, but it can still be very good.


Zach Pop’s Sinker


Another nasty sinker here, this one from Zach Pop. He threw it an astounding 77% of the time in 2022 and still generated an excellent 43.0% O-Swing% and .281 xwOBA. His placement of it seems to have played a large role in its success. He consistently hit down-and-arm side with it.


Zack Wheeler’s Curveball


This curve from Wheeler gets more horizontal movement than is typical from him, and it was obviously effective. The weak hack from Carlson is indicative of the type of stuff Wheeler had, resulting in just 3 baserunners and no runs over 6.1 IP.


Shane McClanahan’s Curveball


McClanahan hasn’t quite been himself the last few weeks. It seems this can be attributed to minor injuries. A regular contributor to Nastiest Pitches, we all know the kind of filth he possesses.


Max Scherzer’s Changeup


It was shocking to see Scherzer struggle in this game, allowing 7 runs and 4 HR over 4.2 IP. Is it possible age has finally caught up to him? I doubt it.


Yu Darvish’s Curveball


This is a very pretty curveball dropped in by Darvish. He only threw it 5% of the time in the regular season, but it resulted in a .137 wOBA and .216 xwOBA. He only allowed 1 run over 6.0 IP.


What Was The Nastiest Pitch From 10/7?


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