The 6 Best MLB Moments from Monday

The Last Monday Moments of the Regular Season.

Here we are, friends, the last Monday recap of the 2021 Major League Baseball regular season. It has been a true honor to bring you these pieces throughout the year, second only, I’m sure, to the honor of being able to read them.

Haha, I kid. It is more like third or fourth.

Speaking of third or fourth, here is a list of teams eliminated from playoff contention as of yesterday:



Before we get to the final Monday main events from yesterday, here is your warm-up—your appetizer of baseball goodness. Of course, we must start with a stalwart of the round-up:



And here is a little walk down memory lane, two ways:



There was this overmatched camera operator:



And this link to Nick’s last edition of The List of the season begs the question: What in the world does he do in the winter with all of his free time? The world may never know:



And, finally, this very astute MVP observation:



Brother on Brother Crime


Bradley Zimmer, younger brother of Kyle Zimmer, went yard off his older brother in the Cleveland vs. Kansas City game:



This was the most amusing response:



The Reds Be Rollin’


The Cincinnati Reds scored 13 runs yesterday. Some of them were loud, including Joey Votto going yard twice. I honestly wish it had been three times so that I could have used the word “thrice” in a piece this season, but there’s still hope for the playoffs!



Another Four-hit Game


How many times do you think it would take for a player to have a four-hit game for it to be impressive? Three? Four? Is doing it even once a little mind-blowing at this point in baseball history?

How about six times in one season?



That’s special.


NSFW Game Winner


If the All-Star game taught us anything, it was that Liam Hendriks should not be near a hot mic while he is on the mound and throwing baseballs, especially when really good or really bad things happen.

I guess somebody didn’t get the memo (Warning: Do not play out loud if you prefer the G-rating of these pieces, even though the cursing is much tougher to make out here than it was in the mid-season classic):



Things Get Heated


Before Liam got the chance to darn some things to heck, the benches cleared in the White Sox and Tigers game. Now throughout the year, some people have been wont to point out that brawls, poor performances, and umpires being hit in the face with errant throws are not in keeping with the idea of “Best MLB Moments” in ways that subtly suggest I’m callous or perhaps a serial killer. I promise I am neither, although to be fair, the first thing a serial killer would say is “I’m definitely NOT a serial killer” so I’m not sure where that leaves us.

In truth, bizarre occurrences or odd happenings are the crème de la crème of these articles and, yes, sometimes they are unfortunate for certain participants. I do not condone violence at all, and what causes benches to clear and what does not is a mystery to me at this point, but it is a fairly significant thing that happened (of interest to many) on a day with five games. So, here it is:



This also happened in that game:



A little something for everybody in that one (though I have no idea what role Eloy Jiménez‘s mom played in any of it).


A Couple Defensive Gems in Colorado


Here are a couple of great defensive plays by the Rockies:



And in the same game, one heck of an at-bat:



There it is. A bittersweet moment for me in my rookie season at Pitcher List: the final Monday Moments article of the season.



Cross out Cleveland, add “internets and Pitcher List readers” and, well, you get the message. Thanks for all of your support of me, this series, and the site.

See you next week in the playoffs!


Photo by Icon Sportswire | Adapted by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns of Twitter)

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