The 5 Best MLB Moments from Monday

Enforcement Day, deGrom Day, Elvis Day, and Don Orsillo is Awesome Day.

Whew, what a weekend! There was a bevy of heartwarming Father’s Day pictures, one heck of a U.S. Open finish (that’s a fairly big deal golf tournament for the non-PGA fans out there), another triple-play from the Yankees (this time to end a game), and one heck of an amazing set of moments between Joey Votto and his biggest littlest fan.

Monday had some big shoes to fill and, well, I’ll let you be the judge on whether it pulled it off or not. But one thing is for certain: it tried its best and that’s worth something.

For example, we found out who the AL and NL Players of the week were:



There was also a lot of Wander Franco hype due to his imminent debut. This one, in particular, was a gem:



That one nearly broke me, but this next one from the team is actually pretty sweet:



There was this news:



And this potential replacement:



There was this touching tribute from the Minnesota Twins:



And the Reds honored him too:



There was this alien weather:



And this adorable and funny exchange:



There is one last topic of note that I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge and, while it is not specifically baseball-related, it will hopefully be a watershed moment for all of sports:



Thank you for the courage and bravery, Carl, and please don’t pay attention to ESPN mucking things up:



WANTED: Copy editor, Bristol, CT, big name news network [undisclosed] available immediately.


Happy Extra Scrutiny Day!


As yesterday was the first day of the enforcement of pitchers doctoring the ball in “Sticky-Gate” there were many, many tweets about it. While this may not be a “great moment” for baseball, there were some dang good Tweets:



to be continued…


Jacob deGrom Day!


You may have heard of this guy on the Mets. He pitches baseballs and is very, very good at it:



He’s pretty good at all things baseball:



And, of course, in honor of MLB’s not at all bad decision to change gears mid-season on what pitchers can and cannot do, this happened:



Here’s Codify with the best response to all of it:



Don Orsillo is Always a Great Day!


It may quickly become obligatory for me to include Don Orsillo in each of these pieces. For now, he gets his due because he’s earned it. This was a pretty cool moment:



And here is an unbelievable call on Manny Machado’s lined shot in the first (click, turn the volume up, listen, enjoy, you’re welcome):



Simply amazing.


Elvis Andrus Day!


Elvis Andrus returned to Texas, this time sporting an Oakland Athletics jersey. He caught up with some old friends before the game started:



And in-game, the fans did the right thing:



Same, Texas Rangers, same (though not about this, about nearly everything else in the world).


Bombs and a Big Play Day!


Here is a small collection of awesome things that happened yesterday:




There they are, five awesome things from MLB yesterday. Let’s check in with Stephen Vogt to see how he feels about it all:



He approves.

Check us out again tomorrow for more MLB aweseomness!


Photo by Icon Sportswire | Adapted by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns of Twitter)

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