Sit/Start Week 8: Reviewing All Starting Pitcher Matchups From 5/20-5/26

Max Freeze covers all the starting pitchers matchups for week 8 (5/20-5/26).

Welcome to Sit/Start where, every Saturday here at Pitcher List, I review all expected starting pitcher matchups for the week ahead. There are three labels: StartMaybe, and Sit. Outings marked with a Maybe are contingent and dependent on your needs in a standard 5×5 Wins 12-teamer, while the other two are self-explanatory. You’ll notice a few question marks next to some of the names. These are either probable starters that have not been confirmed or is a situation where the team will use the bullpen to fill innings.

There has been a lot of action this week. Several rotations have seen pitchers sent back to the minors (Swanson, Beede), some have dealt with injuries (Williams, Meada, Banuelos, and possibly Sanchez). Starters have not been confirmed yet to fill their spots, so feel free to comment throughout the weekend. As I discussed last week, a few teams have elected to use an opener including the Rays, Brewers, Angels, and potentially the Nationals. These spots in the rotation will be listed as Opener/potential long man. Feel free to question my designations in the comments and we’ll dive into it together.

Here’s the massive table containing every Week 8 start from 5/20 – 5/26:

Note: These matchups are subject to change.

DateGameAway PitcherSit / StartHome PitcherSit / Start
5/20NYY vs BALHappMaybeHessSit
5/20PHI vs CHCArrietaMaybeDarvishMaybe
5/20OAK vs CLEAndersonSitCarrascoStart
5/20CHW vs HOUDetwiler?SitMileyMaybe
5/20MIN vs LAAOdorizziMaybeOpener/PenaMaybe
5/20WSH vs NYMCorbinStartFont/GagnonSit
5/20ARI vs SDPWeaverStartPaddackStart
5/20ATL vs SFGSorokaStartAndersonSit
5/20SEA vs TEXLeakeSitMinorMaybe
5/20BOS vs TORPriceStartJacksonSit
5/21NYY vs BALGermanStartCashnerSit
5/21PHI vs CHCEflinMaybeQuintanaStart
5/21OAK vs CLEBassittStartBauerStart
5/21MIA vs DETSmithStartTurnbullStart
5/21CHW vs HOUCoveySitVerlanderStart
5/21MIN vs LAAPinedaSitCahillSit
5/21CIN vs MILGrayMaybeGonzalezMaybe
5/21WSH vs NYMOpener/Fedde?SitWheelerMaybe
5/21COL vs PITMarquezStartArcherStart
5/21ARI vs SDPGreinkeStartStrahmStart
5/21ATL vs SFGTeheranStartOpener/Rodriguez?Sit
5/21KCR vs STLLopezSitWachaMaybe
5/21LAD vs TBRKershawStartOpener/BeeksSit
5/21SEA vs TEXMilone/Sadzeck?SitLynnMaybe
5/21BOS vs TORRodriguezStartStromanSit
5/22NYY vs BALSabathiaMaybeStrailySit
5/22PHI vs CHCIrvinSitHamelsStart
5/22OAK vs CLEMontasStartRodriguezMaybe
5/22MIA vs DETUrenaMaybeNorrisMaybe
5/22CHW vs HOUNovaSitColeStart
5/22MIN vs LAAPerezStartHarveyMaybe
5/22CIN vs MILCastilloStartDaviesMaybe
5/22WSH vs NYMScherzerStartdeGromStart
5/22COL vs PITGrayStartHolmesSit
5/22ARI vs SDPKellyMaybeLauerSit
5/22ATL vs SFGFriedStartSamardzijaSit
5/22KCR vs STLBaileySitWainwrightMaybe
5/22LAD vs TBRHillStartOpener/ChrinosSit
5/22SEA vs TEXGonzalesSitSampsonSit
5/22BOS vs TORPorcelloMaybeSanchezSit
5/23NYY vs BALTanakaStartBundyMaybe
5/23PHI vs CHCNolaStartLesterStart
5/23TBR vs CLESnellStartPlutkoSit
5/23MIA vs DETRichardsMaybeBoydStart
5/23CHW vs HOUGiolitoMaybeMartinStart
5/23WSH vs NYMStrasburgStartMatzMaybe
5/23COL vs PITSenzatelaSitLylesStart
5/23ATL vs SFGGausmanStartBumgarnerStart
5/23BOS vs TORVelazquezMaybeRichard/Bullpen?Sit
5/24CIN vs CHCDeSclafaniMaybeHendricksStart
5/24TBR vs CLEMortonStartBieberMaybe
5/24BAL vs COLMeansSitFreelandSit
5/24BOS vs HOUSaleStartPeacockSit
5/24NYY vs KCRPaxtonMaybeKellerSit
5/24TEX vs LAAJuradoSitCanningMaybe
5/24PHI vs MILEickhoffMaybeChacinSit
5/24CHW vs MINLopezMaybeBerriosStart
5/24DET vs NYMSoto/Ramirez?SitSyndergaardStart
5/24SEA vs OAKLeBlancSitMengdenSit
5/24LAD vs PITBuehlerStartBraultSit
5/24ARI vs SFGGodleyMaybePomeranzSit
5/24ATL vs STLFoltynewiczMaybeMikolasSit
5/24SDP vs TORLucchesiMaybeThorntonMaybe
5/24MIA vs WSHLopezMaybeHellicksonMaybe
5/25CIN vs CHCMahleMaybeDarvishMaybe
5/25TBR vs CLEBullpen??SitCarrascoStart
5/25BAL vs COLHessSitHoffmanSit
5/25BOS vs HOUPriceMaybeMileySit
5/25NYY vs KCRHappMaybeJunisSit
5/25TEX vs LAASmylySitSkaggsMaybe
5/25PHI vs MILArrietaSitAndersonSit
5/25CHW vs MINDetwiler?SitGibsonStart
5/25DET vs NYMBullpen?SitFont/VargasMaybe
5/25SEA vs OAKKikuchiStartFiersMaybe
5/25LAD vs PITRyuStartMusgroveStart
5/25ARI vs SFGRayStartAndersonSit
5/25ATL vs STLSorokaStartHudsonSit
5/25SDP vs TORMargeviciusSitJacksonSit
5/25MIA vs WSHAlcantaraSitCorbinStart
5/26CIN vs CHCRoarkMaybeQuintanaStart
5/26TBR vs CLEOpener/Beeks?SitBauerStart
5/26BAL vs COLCashnerSitMarquezStart
5/26BOS vs HOURodriguezMaybeVerlanderStart
5/26NYY vs KCRGermanStartDuffySit
5/26TEX vs LAAMinorStartOpener/Pena?Maybe
5/26PHI vs MILEflinMaybeWoodruffStart
5/26CHW vs MINCoveySitOdorizziStart
5/26DET vs NYMTurnbullMaybeWheelerStart
5/26SEA vs OAKLeakeMaybeAndersonSit
5/26LAD vs PITMaedaStartArcherSit
5/26ARI vs SFGWeaverStartRodriguezSit
5/26ATL vs STLTeheranStartFlahertyStart
5/26SDP vs TORPaddackStartStromanStart
5/26MIA vs WSHSmithStartOpener/Fedde?Maybe

Max Freeze

Max is the founder of the FreezeStats Blog and currently writes for PitcherList and FantasyPros. Max is a lifelong Cubs fan who used to pretend he was Andre Dawson while hitting rocks in his backyard as a kid.

  • Avatar James C Rogers says:

    Max, I love this report.
    Please list the games using @ instead of Versus. It will make the matchup clearer. I think it will really improve the information for the reader, especially players that are new to the report.
    Thank you for the report. It is listed on my toolbar.

    • Avatar Max Freeze says:

      Thanks James! I’ll look into it. I’m trying to figure out ways to improve the article, so I’ll make include this as an note.

  • Avatar dude says:

    Can start 6 SP and already have these 5 set – Verlander (2 starts) , Nola, Berrios, German(2 starts) and Turnbull (2 starts).

    You have all 3 of my other options as starts, who should I go with; Bumgarner, Kikucki, or Straham?

  • Avatar Baggs says:

    Where are the St. Louis pitchers?

  • Avatar Lefty Nation says:

    My fantasy website and mlb app says it’s Skaggs against Texas on Sunday… is that a start, sit, or maybe? He threw well against them his last time out but that was like a month ago. What do you think?

    • Avatar Lefty Nation says:

      Sorry. Skaggs against Texas on Saturday.

      • Avatar Max Freeze says:

        Texas has been much better than they were a month ago (.378 wOBA & 24 HR over the last 2 weeks) and Skags has been struggling with walks in recent starts. That being said, he could give you a fair amount of strikeouts if that’s what you need. If you’re looking for ratios, I’d look elsewhere.

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