Sit/Start Week 6: Reviewing All Starting Pitcher Matchups From 5/6-5/12

Max Freeze covers all the starting pitcher matchups for week 6 (5/6-5/12)

Welcome to Sit/Start where, every Saturday here at Pitcher List, I review all expected starting pitcher matchups for the week ahead. There are three labels: StartMaybe, and Sit. Outings marked with a Maybe are circumstantial and dependent on your needs in a standard 5×5 Wins 12-teamer, while the other two are self-explanatory. You’ll notice a few question marks next to some of the names. These are either probable starters that have not been confirmed or are pitchers who may be subject to an opener. It’s another week and another group of injured pitchers (Archer, Kluber, maybe Paxton). Teams have yet to name replacements until their spot in the rotation come up, so bear with me. Feel free to question my designations in the comments and we’ll dive into it together.

Here’s the massive table containing every Week 6 start from 5/6 – 5/12:

Note: These matchups are subject to change.

DateGameAway PitcherSit / StartHome PitcherSit / Start
5/6BOS vs BALVelazquezSitCashnerSit
5/6MIA vs CHCAlcantaraSitHamelsStart
5/6SFG vs CINPomeranzMaybeDeSclafaniMaybe
5/6CHW vs CLENovaSitBauerStart
5/6KCR vs HOUJunisMaybeColeStart
5/6ATL vs LADFriedStartBuehlerStart
5/6WSH vs MILScherzerStartChacinSit
5/6SEA vs NYYHernandezMaybeSabathiaMaybe
5/6NYM vs SDPdeGromStartPaddackStart
5/6PHI vs STLVelasquezMaybeMikolasSit
5/6ARI vs TBRKellyMaybeSnellStart
5/6MIN vs TORPerezMaybeStromanStart
5/7BOS vs BALPriceStartCobbSit
5/7MIA vs CHCSmithStartLesterStart
5/7CHW vs CLEGiolitoSitRodriguez?Sit
5/7SFG vs COLBumgarnerMaybeSenzatelaSit
5/7LAA vs DETCanningMaybeNorrisSit
5/7KCR vs HOUDuffySitMcHughStart
5/7ATL vs LADFoltynewiczMaybeRyuStart
5/7WSH vs MILStrasburgStartPeraltaSit
5/7SEA vs NYYGonzalesMaybeTanakaStart
5/7CIN vs OAKMahleMaybeBrooksSit
5/7TEX vs PITSampsonMaybeTaillonStart
5/7NYM vs SDPSyndergaardStartQuantrillMaybe
5/7PHI vs STLNolaStartHudsonSit
5/7ARI vs TBRRayStartMortonStart
5/7MIN vs TORBerriosStartSanchezSit
5/8BOS vs BALSaleStartStrailySit
5/8MIA vs CHCUrenaSitHendricksStart
5/8CHW vs CLELopezMaybeBieberStart
5/8SFG vs COLBeede?SitGraySit
5/8LAA vs DETPenaMaybeBoydStart
5/8KCR vs HOULopezSitPeacockMaybe
5/8ATL vs LADGausmanMaybeKershawStart
5/8WSH vs MILHellicksonSitWoodruffMaybe
5/8SEA vs NYYKikuchiStartPaxton/Loaisiga?Maybe
5/8CIN vs OAKGrayStartFiersSit
5/8TEX vs PITMillerSitMusgroveStart
5/8NYM vs SDPMatzStartStrahmStart
5/8PHI vs STLEickhoffStartFlahertyStart
5/8ARI vs TBRWeaverMaybeGlasnowStart
5/8MIN vs TORGibsonSitThorntonMaybe
5/9ATL vs ARISorokaStartBullpenSit
5/9MIA vs CHCRichardsSitDarvishStart
5/9CHW vs CLEBanuelosSitCarrascoStart
5/9SFG vs COLRodriguezSitAndersonSit
5/9LAA vs DETSkaggsStartRossSit
5/9TEX vs HOUMinorStartMileyMaybe
5/9WSH vs LADCorbinStartHillStart
5/9SEA vs NYYLeakeSitHappMaybe
5/9CIN vs OAKRoarkMaybeAndersonSit
5/9PIT vs STLWilliamsStartWachaMaybe
5/10ATL vs ARITeheranMaybeGreinkeStart
5/10LAA vs BALCahillSitBundySit
5/10SEA vs BOSSwansonSitRodriguezMaybe
5/10MIL vs CHCGonzalezSitQuintanaMaybe
5/10SDP vs COLLauerSitFreelandSit
5/10TEX vs HOULynnSitVerlanderStart
5/10PHI vs KCRArrietaStartBaileySit
5/10WSH vs LADSanchezSitMaedaMaybe
5/10DET vs MINTurnbullMaybeOdorizziStart
5/10MIA vs NYMLopezMaybeWheelerStart
5/10CLE vs OAKAnderson?SitBassittStart
5/10CIN vs SFGCastilloStartSamardzijaMaybe
5/10PIT vs STLLylesSitWainwrightMaybe
5/10NYY vs TBRGermanStartBullpen/Chirinos?Maybe
5/10CHW vs TORCoveySitBuchholzSit
5/11ATL vs ARIFriedStartKellySit
5/11LAA vs BALHarveySitMeansSit
5/11SEA vs BOSHernandezSitPorcelloMaybe
5/11MIL vs CHCDaviesSitHamelsMaybe
5/11SDP vs COLLucchesiSitMarquezStart
5/11TEX vs HOUSmylySitColeStart
5/11PHI vs KCREflinStartKellerSit
5/11WSH vs LADScherzerStartBuehlerStart
5/11DET vs MINBullpen?????PinedaMaybe
5/11DET vs MIN?????SitPerezStart
5/11MIA vs NYMAlcantaraSitVargasSit
5/11CLE vs OAKBauerStartMontasStart
5/11CIN vs SFGDeSclafaniStartPomeranzMaybe
5/11PIT vs STL???????MikolasMaybe
5/11NYY vs TBRSabathiaMaybeSnellStart
5/11CHW vs TORNovaSitStromanStart
5/12ATL vs ARIFoltynewiczStartRayMaybe
5/12LAA vs BALCanningMaybeCashnerSit
5/12SEA vs BOSGonzalesSitVelazquezSit
5/12MIL vs CHCChacinSitLesterMaybe
5/12SDP vs COLMargeviciusSitSenzatelaSit
5/12TEX vs HOUSampsonSitMcHughMaybe
5/12PHI vs KCRVelasquezMaybeJunisMaybe
5/12WSH vs LADStrasburgStartRyuStart
5/12DET vs MINNorrisSitBerriosStart
5/12MIA vs NYMSmithStartdeGromStart
5/12CLE vs OAKRodriguez?SitBrooksSit
5/12CIN vs SFGMahleStartBumgarnerStart
5/12PIT vs STLTaillonStartHudsonSit
5/12NYY vs TBRTanakaStartMortonStart
5/12CHW vs TORGiolitoSitSanchezMaybe

Max Freeze

Max is the founder of the FreezeStats Blog and currently writes for PitcherList and FantasyPros. Max is a lifelong Cubs fan who used to pretend he was Andre Dawson while hitting rocks in his backyard as a kid.

  • Avatar Neal says:

    What’s the rationale for starting Buehler vs. Atl? Buehler has not been good, and Atl is 4th in the NL (11th overall) in OPS against RHP.

    • Avatar Max Freeze says:

      Those are definitely valid concerns. Buehler’s been better than his numbers indicate though. His FIP is 3.41 and he’s been extremely unlucky on stranding runners. His first start of the season was bad but his SwStr% has been 11% since that start with a 1.10 WHIP. The Braves have been good against RHP but 11th overall in OPS doesn’t tell me they are necessarily crushing them. I believe in Buehler’s talent.

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