Sit/Start Week 10: Reviewing All Starting Pitcher Matchups From 6/3-6/9

Max Freeze covers all the starting pitcher matchups for week 10 from 6/3-6/9.

Welcome to Sit/Start where, every Saturday here at Pitcher List, I review all expected starting pitcher matchups for the week ahead. There are three labels: StartMaybe, and Sit. Outings marked with a Maybe are contingent and dependent on your needs in a standard 5×5 Wins 12-teamer, while the other two are self-explanatory. You’ll notice a few question marks next to some of the names. These are either probable starters that have not been confirmed or is a situation where the team will use the bullpen to fill innings. As with the past couple Sit/Start articles, spots in the rotation where a potential opener may be used will be listed as Opener/potential long man. Feel free to question my designations in the comments and we’ll dive into it together.

Here’s the massive table containing every Week 10 start from 6/3 – 6/9:

Note: These matchups are subject to change.

DateGameAway PitcherSit / StartHome PitcherSit / Start
6/3LAD vs ARIBuehlerStartRayMaybe
6/3LAA vs CHCCahillSitLesterStart
6/3PHI vs SDPNolaStartLauerSit
6/3HOU vs SEAMartinMaybeLeBlancSit
6/4LAD vs ARIRyuStartClarkeSit
6/4COL vs CHCHoffmanSitHendricksStart
6/4MIN vs CLESmeltzerMaybeBieberMaybe
6/4TBR vs DETSnellStartCarpenterSit
6/4BOS vs KCRRodriguezStartJunisMaybe
6/4OAK vs LAAMontasStartCanningMaybe
6/4MIA vs MILLopezSitDaviesMaybe
6/4SFG vs NYMBumgarnerStartSyndergaardStart
6/4ATL vs PITFriedStartBrault?Maybe
6/4PHI vs SDPEickhoffStartPaddackStart
6/4HOU vs SEAMileyMaybeKikuchiSit
6/4CIN vs STLCastilloStartCabreraSit
6/4BAL vs TEXBundySitSmylySit
6/4NYY vs TORTanakaStartRichardSit
6/4CHW vs WSHLopezSitStrasburgStart
6/5LAD vs ARIMaedaStartDuplantierSit
6/5COL vs CHCMarquezStartDarvishMaybe
6/5MIN vs CLEPerezMaybeCarrascoStart
6/5TBR vs DETMortonStartTurnbullMaybe
6/5BOS vs KCRWeberSitDuffySit
6/5OAK vs LAAMengdenSitSkaggsMaybe
6/5MIA vs MILAlcantaraSitAndersonStart
6/5SFG vs NYMBeedeSitVargasStart
6/5ATL vs PITGausmanStartMusgroveMaybe
6/5PHI vs SDPArrietaStartLucchesiMaybe
6/5HOU vs SEAPeacockStartLeakeSit
6/5CIN vs STLDeSclafaniMaybeHudsonSit
6/5BAL vs TEXMeansSitMinorStart
6/5NYY vs TORPaxtonStartThorntonSit
6/5CHW vs WSHBanuelosSitSanchezMaybe
6/6COL vs CHCGraySitQuintanaStart
6/6MIN vs CLEBerriosStartBauerStart
6/6TBR vs DETOpener/BeeksMaybeNorrisSit
6/6BOS vs KCRSaleStartBaileySit
6/6OAK vs LAAFiersSitHeaneyStart
6/6MIA vs MILSmithStartChacinMaybe
6/6SFG vs NYMPomeranzSitWheelerStart
6/6ATL vs PITFoltynewiczMaybeArcherSit
6/6WSH vs SDPCorbinStartMargeviciusSit
6/6HOU vs SEAVerlanderStartMiloneSit
6/6CIN vs STLMahleStartMikolasStart
6/6BAL vs TEXCashnerSitJuradoMaybe
6/6NYY vs TORHappMaybeJacksonSit
6/7TBR vs BOSOpener/ChirinosSitPorcelloMaybe
6/7STL vs CHCFlahertyStartHamelsStart
6/7NYY vs CLEGermanStartRodriguezSit
6/7MIN vs DETGibsonStartBoydStart
6/7BAL vs HOUHessSitColeStart
6/7CHW vs KCRCoveySitKellerSit
6/7SEA vs LAAGonzalesMaybeOpener/PenaMaybe
6/7ATL vs MIASorokaStartUrenaMaybe
6/7PIT vs MILKinghamSitWoodruffStart
6/7COL vs NYMSenzatelaSitdeGromStart
6/7CIN vs PHIRoarkSitIrvinMaybe
6/7WSH vs SDPFeddeMaybeStrahmMaybe
6/7LAD vs SFGKershawStartAndersonSit
6/7OAK vs TEXAndersonSitLynnStart
6/7ARI vs TORGreinkeStartStromanMaybe
6/8TBR vs BOSOpener/YarbroughSitPriceStart
6/8TBR vs BOSBullpen/Faria?SitBullpenSit
6/8STL vs CHCWainwrightSitLesterStart
6/8NYY vs CLETanakaStartPlesacSit
6/8MIN vs DETOdorizziStartSoto?Sit
6/8BAL vs HOUYnoaSitMartinMaybe
6/8CHW vs KCRNovaSitSparkmanSit
6/8SEA vs LAALeBlancSitCahillSit
6/8ATL vs MIATeheranStartRichardsMaybe
6/8PIT vs MILLylesSitGonzalezMaybe
6/8COL vs NYMBullpen??SitMatzStart
6/8CIN vs PHIGrayMaybePivettaMaybe
6/8WSH vs SDPScherzerStartLauerSit
6/8LAD vs SFGHillStartSamardzijaSit
6/8OAK vs TEXBassittMaybeSampsonSit
6/8OAK vs TEXBlackburn?SitBullpen?Sit
6/8ARI vs TORKellySitSanchezSit
6/9TBR vs BOSSnellStartRodriguezStart
6/9STL vs CHCCabreraSitHendricksStart
6/9NYY vs CLETanakaStartBieberStart
6/9MIN vs DETSmeltzerStartCarpenterSit
6/9BAL vs HOUBundySitMileyStart
6/9CHW vs KCRGiolitoStartJunisStart
6/9SEA vs LAAKikuchiSitCanningStart
6/9ATL vs MIAFriedStartLopezStart
6/9PIT vs MILBrault?SitDaviesMaybe
6/9COL vs NYMHoffmanSitSyndergaardStart
6/9CIN vs PHICastilloStartNolaStart
6/9WSH vs SDPStrasburgStartPaddackStart
6/9LAD vs SFGBuehlerStartBumgarnerStart
6/9OAK vs TEXMontasStartSmylySit
6/9ARI vs TORRayMaybeRichardSit

Max Freeze

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