Zach Duke

Age 37
  • Born 04/18/1983
  • Bats L
  • Team: Free Agents
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11.8% Thrown 74.1 MPH 25 CSW%
57.6% Thrown 88.9 MPH 23.8 CSW%
30.6% Thrown 80.4 MPH 29.6 CSW%

Duke’s primary strikeout pitch is the curveball, with a 38.5% strikeout rate despite slightly below league-average whiff rates. It’s also used to induce ground balls, which it succeed at doing 66.7% of the time in 2019. Duke should continue to decrease usage of his sinker in favor of his curve and slider in 2020.

GIF made by Ryan Amore. Blurb written by Max Freeze

Duke utilizes his sinker as his primary fastball, which he throws 48% of the time. He averages just 89 mph and unsuprisingly generates an extremly low 3.4% SwStr%. He also throws it in the zone just 38.6% of the time and still got crushed to the tune of 180 wRC+. Duke’s sinker may not last much longer in this league.

GIF made by Ryan Amore. Blurb written by Max Freeze

Duke’s slider has become his primary breaking pitch, overtaking the curveball, which he threw more frequently in 2018. The slider generated a ton of weak contact and allowed zero barrels and zero home runs (and even zero hits) on 125 thrown in 2019! It doesn’t induce many swings and misses, so a BABIP of .000 is unlikely to happen again in 2020.

GIF made by Ryan Amore. Blurb written by Max Freeze
46.8% Thrown 88.5 MPH
22.9% Thrown 73.3 MPH
15.4% Thrown 78.3 MPH
12.6% Thrown 83.2 MPH
2.3% Thrown 87.0 MPH

Duke’s main offering was thrown in abundance and limited damage with below average .092 ISO. The pitch was able to find the strike zone at an above-average rate and accumlated a 3.1 pVal.

There was a lot of like about Duke’s curveball showing an above-average ability to miss bats and limit damage, amassing a triple slash of .136/.311/.169 with an otherwordly .034 ISO. However, the pitch also had trouble finding the strike zone and was unable to induce batters to chase, which resulted in a slightly negative pVal.

Duke’s slider missed bats at an above-average clip which resulted in a strong 43.8% K rate. The pitch limited damage with a .074 ISO and earned a positive 1.0 pVal.

Duke’s changeup was an atrocious pitch, allowing .446 AVG and 1.143 OPS. The pitch found the strike zone at a below-average rate and earned a -6.1 pVal.

Duke’s fastball was rarely utilized. While the pitch failed to miss bats, Duke was able to find the strikezone at an elite rate (68.9%) and was able to make batters chase outside the zone.

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