Yoan Lopez

Age 27 RP
  • Born 01/01/1993
  • Bats R
  • Team: Arizona Diamondbacks
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3.2% Thrown 91.2 MPH 21.4 CSW%
57.3% Thrown 96.3 MPH 21.4 CSW%
39.4% Thrown 84.3 MPH 31.7 CSW%

A barely-there piece of the arsenal and even then, almost exclusively against LHB, Lopez’s change was used 3.2% of the time overall in 2019 which was actually almost double the rate he used it in 2018. It shows below-average movement and Lopez has not shown the ability (or desire?) to throw it for strikes with a 18% zone rate and 22.2% chase rate.

GIF made by Ryan Amore. Blurb written by Jon Straub

Yoan Lopez’s excellent velocity (96.3 mph) hasn’t translated to strikeouts to this point in his career. Overall the pitch comes out pretty straight with much less tail and a bit more sink than the average fourseamer, and as a result allows the ball to be hit in the air 59% of the ime and a 26.3% HR/FB rate which netted a .861 OPS and .265 ISO against in 2019.

GIF made by Ryan Amore. Blurb written by Jon Straub

Used 39.4% of the time, Lopez’s only breaking ball shows good horizontal glove side movement with average drop and a 12 mph velocity separation from his fourseamer. As his goto strikeout pitch, it successfully gets the K on 27% of its usage with 2 strikes and was responsible for 26 of Lopez’s 42 strikeouts in 2019 despite not getting elite chase rates (35.1% O-Swing).

GIF made by Ryan Amore. Blurb written by Jon Straub
68.5% Thrown 96.8 MPH
31.5% Thrown 84.0 MPH

Lopez’s primary pitch had an average velocity of 97.1 mph and featured just a touch of arm-side movement. While the pitch did have a 52.3 Zone%, it only had a 12.2 O-swing% and 8.1 SwStr%, which doesn’t really back up his 26.1 K%.

Lopez’s slider came in at 84.1 mph, so batters expecting the 97 mph heat were left flailing away. The pitch had a 45.0 Zone%, 40.9 O-swing and 15.0 SwStr% while also sporting a 40.0 K%.

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