Wily Peralta

Age 31
  • Born 05/08/1989
  • Bats R
  • Team: Free Agents
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12.7% Thrown 84.9 MPH 22.1 CSW%
54.6% Thrown 94.4 MPH 21.7 CSW%
32.8% Thrown 82.1 MPH 32.6 CSW%

Now six years removed from a 17-win season as a starter in Milwaukee, Peralta was DFA’d in July last year and didn’t find another suitor, electing for free agency. His changeup was his third pitch and it didn’t fare too bad as hitters struggled to the tune of a .194 batting average. He did give up two homers in just 86 pitches thrown.

GIF made by Ryan Amore. Blurb written by Benjamin Haller

Peralta had one of the worst fastball spin rates in the league last season and hitters tee’d up on his 94.3 mph four-seamer, which lost nearly 2 mph in velocity since last season. An ugly .446 xWOBA ( above .400 for the fourth season in a row) means we may have seen the last of Peralta in the bigs.

GIF made by Ryan Amore. Blurb written by Benjamin Haller

The slider continued to be his only means to draw a strike in 2019. It held a 40.0% whiff rate across 215 pitches, and was particularly efffective against right handers.

GIF made by Ryan Amore. Blurb written by Benjamin Haller
44.0% Thrown 96.2 MPH
36.5% Thrown 83.8 MPH
11.2% Thrown 86.3 MPH
5.6% Thrown 96.2 MPH
2.7% Thrown 83.5 MPH

Pitch Info has Peralta throwing 150 four-seamers and 148 two-seamers, but overall the analysis is similar. The velocity of both pitches is similar (96.5 mph vs 95.9 mph), as is the movement, with both having arm-side ride. Peralta’s four-seamer managed just a 4.4 SwStr% and 7.1 K% to go along with a 16.7 BB% and .443 wOBA, the third year out of the last four that the pitch had a wOBA > .400.

Peralta’s slider was a bright spot for him in 2018, earning a 2.0 pVal. The pitch’s K% jumped to 46.2% from 25.0% in 2017 despite no major changes in Zone% (42.1% in 2017, 39.4% in 2018), O-swing% (29.6% in 2017, 30.1% in 2018) or SwStr% (13.8% in 2017, 12.7% in 2018). It may have been a change in his sequencing, but his slider has always been his strikeout pitch, so it doesn’t seem like he would’ve waited this long to throw it more often in two-strike counts.

Peralta’s changeup comes in about 10 mph slower than his fastball and earned a 2.9 pVal in 2018. The pitch had a 41.8 Zone%, 41.0 O-swing% and 19.4 SwStr%, leading to a 38.1 K% and .056 BAA.

Peralta’s two-seamer fared just as well as his four-seamer—extremely poorly. While the pitch managed a 52.0 Zone% and 62.1 GB%, it allowed a .314 BAA, the fourth year in above .300.

Peralta threw his curveball less than 3% of the time in 2018 and earned a -1.6 pVal, so I wouldn’t expect the pitch to suddenly become a major part of his repertoire in 2019.

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