Wander Suero

Age 29 RP
  • Born 09/15/1991
  • Bats R
  • Team: Washington Nationals
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20.7% Thrown 87.5 MPH 21.7 CSW%
7.0% Thrown 79.6 MPH 31.8 CSW%
72.1% Thrown 92.9 MPH 31.6 CSW%

Suero’s changeup became an effective pitch in 2019, with a 23.4% K rate, 16.3% swinging-strike rate, and a .161 opponent WOBA contributing to a solid 5.7 pVAL on the year

GIF made by Rich Holman. Blurb written by Daniel MacDonald

Not nearly as effective as his changeup, the curveball yielded a 33.3% K rate, but also a .400 opponent WOBA and 157 wRC+.

GIF made by Rich Holman. Blurb written by Daniel MacDonald

The cutter was the pitch that made Suero an effective contributor in 2019, with a staggering 72% usage rate on the year. The pitch averaged a 93.1 mph velocity and produced a 27.5% K rate, with a solid 13.5% swinging-strike rate disguising a WOBA and wRC+ that were on the poorer side of par.

GIF made by Rich Holman. Blurb written by Daniel MacDonald
75.8% Thrown 91.7 MPH
15.7% Thrown 79.3 MPH
4.8% Thrown 91.7 MPH
3.7% Thrown 88.2 MPH

Thrown about 75.76% of the time, the cutter is clearly the main weapon in Suero’s repertoire. Opponents managed a .250/.318/.390 slash line against the pitch and were only able to hit 1 HR against it. An 80.8% contact rate while being thrown inside the strike zone 58.4% of the time is solid. All told, it was worth a 0.8 pVal.

Suero’s curveball was his worst pich according to pVal in 2018, with a -3.7 mark. It featured a mediocre 9.8% swinging-strike rate and a 43.8% fly-ball rate coupled with a rough 42.9% HR/FB rate, which led to a .680 slugging percentage against.

Averaging 91.7 mph in 2018, Suero struggled to command his four-seam fastball, highlighted by just a 27% zone rate along with a 16.7% walk rate. A 33.3% O-swing rate and 100% O-Contact rate helped him manage some contact though, and opponents hit just .200 against the pitch thanks to a .200 BABIP. Not sure how sustainable the profile of this pitch is going forward, but it was worth a 0.3 pVal.

Infrequently used at 3.68% in 2018, Suero’s changeup was actually his best pitch in terms of pVal this past season with a 2.0 mark. While it was a firm changeup that lacked velocity separation from his fastball and cutter, a strong 17.1% swinging-strike rate coupled with a 40% O-swing rate both contributed to limiting opponents to a .091 batting average.

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