Matt Albers

Age 37
  • Born 01/20/1983
  • Bats L
  • Team: Free Agents
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10.3% Thrown 83.6 MPH 29.1 CSW%
56.6% Thrown 92.7 MPH 27.6 CSW%
32.8% Thrown 83.4 MPH 30.6 CSW%

Albers pounds his changeup low and inside early in the count against right-handers to back them off the plate and establish his slider.

GIF made by Ryan Amore. Blurb written by Joe Garino

Albers’ fastball tops out at 95.5 mph, and he locates it fairly consistently on the high and outside corner against right-handed hitters.

GIF made by Ryan Amore. Blurb written by Joe Garino

Albers’ slider is a pitch he almost exclusively locates on the low and outside corner against right-handers. He keeps it out of the zone and uses it to finish off hitters.

GIF made by Ryan Amore. Blurb written by Joe Garino
44.1% Thrown 91.5 MPH
23.8% Thrown 85.1 MPH
20.5% Thrown 92.0 MPH
11.6% Thrown 83.2 MPH

Albers sinker is his primary pitch which he throws for low 90s velocity. In 2017 the pitch was elite as it registered an opposing wRC+ of 40, but after losing vertical movement in 2018 the pitch became horrendous. Hitters put up a wRC+ of 178, making any hitter facing Albers sinker into a clone of Mike Trout.

Albers slider has improved over the years and is a pretty decent pitch. In 26 plate appearances last year hitters struck out 7 times, walked just once, and hit a paltry .208. This is nothing new for Albers, as his slider has long been his most dominating stuff.

Thrown 20% of the time when he’s on the mound, Albers four-seamer has been his most inconsistent pitch with pVal/C ranging from as high as 3.8 to as low as -2.7. This is a bit worrying as that -2.7 pVal/C occurred last season, but perhaps Albers can regain the respect that his fastball used to command.

Albers throws his changeup just 10% of the time he pitches and we didn’t see much of it at all last year with only 11 plate appearances ending with a changeup. While none of those PAs resulted in a walk, only one ended in a K and hitters put up a .964 OPS against the pitch.

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