Joe Biagini

Age 30
  • Born 05/29/1990
  • Bats R
  • Team: Houston Astros
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10.4% Thrown 87.0 MPH 23.5 CSW%
8.7% Thrown 77.1 MPH 30.3 CSW%
50.8% Thrown 94.0 MPH 26.9 CSW%
30.1% Thrown 87.8 MPH 31.2 CSW%

Biagini’s change seems to act like his slider quite a bit and gets pretty similar results. His swinging strike is close to 20% and his O-swing is close to 40% as well. Despite a 43.8% fly-ball rate he did not allow a single dinger off this pitch.

GIF made by Nicklaus Gaut. Blurb written by Jim Chatterton

Biagini throws a huge hook but it doesn’t come out as often. He threw it much less often in 2019 and it seemed like he did not have the same stuff with it as usual. His swinging strike was a remarkable 2% down from 11% with an O-swing below 15%. These numbers are surprising for a big breaking ball.

GIF made by Nicklaus Gaut. Blurb written by Jim Chatterton

Biagini lost a bit of velocity on his fastball in 2019 but most importantly he could not keep the ball in the park. On 193 pitches he allowed seven dingers with a 63.6% HR/FB rate. Batters have been laying off out of the zone and have been getting much better contact the past couple of years.

GIF made by Nicklaus Gaut. Blurb written by Jim Chatterton

Biagini throws his slider a good amount slower than the fastball and generates a good amount of strikeouts. He boasted a 20.5% swinging strike rate with 44% O-swing rate. Over the course of the last few years his contacts rates have kept getting better and better leading to a solid pitch in 2019.

GIF made by Nicklaus Gaut. Blurb written by Jim Chatterton
56.3% Thrown 94.3 MPH
15.0% Thrown 89.1 MPH
13.9% Thrown 78.1 MPH
9.5% Thrown 86.3 MPH
5.3% Thrown 93.6 MPH

A new pitch added in 2018, the sinker completely unraveled for Biagini. He couldn’t control the pitch when he needed it the most (-2.7 K-BB%); when he did manage to throw it in the zone, it drew a 90.1 Contact%. It was hit hard for a .382 AVG and an unreal 195 wRC+.

The cutter was not Biagini’s friend in 2018. It registered a -3.0 pVal due to a complete inability to limit hard contact, surrendering a .311 AVG, 137 wRC+, and 40.0 HR/FB%.

Biagini’s curveball sacrificed velocity for movement. While this change helped in some areas (lowered BB%, increased SwStr%), the pitch got hit hard (.353 ISO and 33.3 HR/FB% w/ a 42.9 FB%). This change caused the pitch to register a -4.3 pVal in 2018.

Biagini’s changeup has some signs of potentially being a good pitch (42.4 O-swing%, 20.0 SwStr%, 25.9 K-BB%), but it got hit pretty hard in 2018 (.308 AVG, .231 ISO and a 50.0 HR/FB%). While it was a negative pitch in 2018 (-2.6 pVal), it had always been a positive pitch in the past, so it is possible that it returns to form.

Biagini’s four-seamer was nearly a neutral pitch in 2018 (-0.2 pVal). It lost about 2.6 degrees of movement and got hit for a 25.0 LD% and a 13.3 HR/FB%. These numbers are way too high for a pitch that draws 86.0 Contact% and a 34.9 FB%.

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