Evan Marshall

Age 30 RP
  • Born 04/17/1990
  • Bats R
  • Team: Chicago White Sox
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39.2% Thrown 87.6 MPH 25.2 CSW%
44.1% Thrown 93.5 MPH 20 CSW%

A truly underrated pitch, Marshall’s changeup darts away from opposing lefty batters and has an elite 18.5% swinging-strike rate on it. He upped its usage from 23.3% to 39% in 2019, and rightfully so, as it helped him produce his best season since 2014.

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Marshall throws both a four-seamer and a two-seamer that both sit between 93-94. Both pitches get more arm-side run than your average offering. Marshall has a clear plan of attack for each of these fastballs: the two-seamer is used almost exclusively against righties to jam them inside, and the four-seamer is for attacking the glove side, mostly getting inside against left-handers.

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38.2% Thrown 93.3 MPH
23.0% Thrown 86.4 MPH
21.7% Thrown 83.7 MPH
17.1% Thrown 93.5 MPH

Marshall’s sinker was his most-used pitch in 2018 but graded out as his worst pitch on the year. The pitch did not produce one strikeout and only amassed a 9.7% swinging-strike rate. Marshall does generate good horizontal movement with the pitch but not enough vertical depth to make it effective.

His changeup was his second-most thrown pitch in 2018 and graded out as above average. Marshall seemed to lean on this as his out-pitch, posting an 85.7% strikeout rate while not walking one batter with the changeup. The pitch had a good amount of run into a right-handed batter and produced an excellent 25.7% swinging-strike rate.

This slider was a below-average pitch on the year for Marshall. He is able to generate a good amount of tilt on this pitch, however he is unable to control the pitch, throwing more balls than strikes and amassing a 50% walk rate.

Marshall’s four-seamer was effective but was still the fourth pitch in his arsenal. He threw 22 out of 27 for strikes, accumulating a 33.3% strikeout rate and 18.5% swinging-strike rate. Marshall gets plenty of run and movement on this pitch, making it a potential above-average option.

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