Doug Fister

Age 36
  • Born 02/04/1984
  • Bats L
  • Team: Free Agents
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62.4% Thrown 88.4 MPH
14.6% Thrown 84.8 MPH
13.4% Thrown 73.0 MPH
9.6% Thrown 82.1 MPH

McGuire had a fair amount of success with his curve, striking out 34.8% of batters on the pitch despite a weak swinging-strike rate. He did have some issues with command, walking a few batters (and hitting just as many) which led to a .235 batting average against and a .435 OBP, limiting the value of the pitch. If he can get the ball in the zone more often and not bounce the pitch as often, it could become a much move valuable strikeout pitch.

After his sinker, Fister doesn’t particularly have a secondary pitch that he relies on. His cutter is similar to the sinker in that it gets grounders, but that is the only positive contribution. A .283 average against the pitch with next to no swinging strikes or strikeouts limits any value the pitch may have severely.

Fister’s curve is slow and really dives as it heads to the plate, with more than 10 inches more vertical drop than a league-average curveball. It’s actually a very satisfying curve to watch a swing and miss on, and it’s his best offering for strikeouts. Unfortunately, his usage on the pitch has been dropping for five years despite the fact that it holds his best wRC+ and batting average against for his career.

Fister’s changeup is one of his secondary offerings that he throws infrequently but might try to sneak in for a strike when he gets behind in the count. Unfortunately, batters performed well against it — even better than expected — with a .357 batting average against the pitch. His one strength of drawing ground balls didn’t manifest as well in the changeup either, with his highest average launch angle coming on the changeup.

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