Brent Suter

Age 31 SP
  • Born 08/29/1989
  • Bats L
  • Team: Milwaukee Brewers
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18.5% Thrown 80.5 MPH 14.9 CSW%
2.2% Thrown 72.6 MPH 40 CSW%
78.1% Thrown 87.5 MPH 31.2 CSW%

The changeup wasn’t a pitch Suter put in the zone very often, just 23.3% of the time. Mainly used outside to right-handed batters, Suter threw the changeup just five times to lefties. It was an effective pitch in its 18.5% usage, allowing a .200 BAA and generating six whiffs (25%) and 24 swings (55.8%) with an 81.1 mph average exit velocity.

GIF made by Andy Patton. Blurb written by Mark McElroy

Suter threw his curveball eight times (3.4% usage) in 2019. The sample size is too small to draw any conclusions, but hitters laid off the four curveballs low and outside the zone. This GIF is the only punchout Suter had on the pitch and was the only time he threw it with two strikes (0-2); all other times it was the third pitch of the at-bat or earlier (incidentally, this strikeout was on the third pitch).

GIF made by Andy Patton. Blurb written by Mark McElroy

Suter’s main offering is his fastball. Not only does he deploy it 78.1% of the time, it also is his most successful pitch with just a .120/.137/.240 triple slash against. Averaging just 87.5 mph, Suter has used the pitch effectively in the upper portion of the zone. Looking at the zone profile for the pitch, Suter threw just 10 of his 182 fastballs below the strike zone with 56% of them at or above the upper third of the zone, with just six hits allowed and over 100 swings (28 whiffs). Last year, Suter was effective high in the zone, drawing weak contact on his fastball with an average exit velocity on the pitch of just 81.4 mph.

GIF made by Andy Patton. Blurb written by Mark McElroy
67.4% Thrown 86.6 MPH
12.9% Thrown 80.2 MPH
11.6% Thrown 73.8 MPH
6.8% Thrown 78.2 MPH
1.4% Thrown 86.4 MPH

Though Suter’s four-seamer didn’t generate much movement, it was deceptive enough to produce a 10.8% whiff rate and 79.1% contact rate. Suter allowed 11 homers with the pitch, though, so while the .272 average is respectable, the .453 slugging percentage points to his tendency to groove it on occasion.

As was the case with his fastball, Suter’s changeup produced decent results despite lackluster movement and his propensity for leaving them over the plate. The .235 average allowed was solid. The .559 slugging percentage was not.

There wasn’t a ton of drop on Suter’s curve, though it did have good lateral movement. It wasn’t great at generating grounders, but hitters did chase it out of the zone 35.3% of the time, making it a solid putaway pitch.

Suter’s best pitch by pVal, the slider had a lot of movement both down and to the glove side. Opponents hit just .196 against it, in part due to the .186 BABIP it allowed.

None of the 23 two-seamers Suter threw in 2018 were put in play, and it lacked even average arm-side run during its brief showing.

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