Austin Pruitt

Age 30
  • Born 08/31/1989
  • Bats R
  • Team: Houston Astros
2019 Statistics
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19.4% Thrown 86.1 MPH 28.6 CSW%
13.3% Thrown 81.6 MPH 40.6 CSW%
44.1% Thrown 91.9 MPH 25.9 CSW%
23.2% Thrown 87.4 MPH 32.3 CSW%

Possessing both great horizontal and vertical movement, Pruitt’s changeup was really, really good in 2019 as it held hitters to a .129 AVG with .394 OPS and an 18 wRC+. While it didn’t get the strikeouts you would expect it to they might be on the way as evidenced by it’s 35.2 O-Swing% and 13.0 SwStr%.

GIF made by Nate Watt. Blurb written by Daniel Port

Pruitt’s curveball struggled in 2019, despite it’s near money pitch numbers (43.4 O-Swing%, 37.5 Zone%, 11.5 SwStr%). Hitters teed off on it for a .316 AVG and a .947 OPS in spite of it’s above average movement and velocity.

GIF made by Nate Watt. Blurb written by Daniel Port

Pruitt’s fastball lost a few ticks in velocity and nearly all of it’s horizontal movement in 2019 and it showed up in the results. Despite have a good K% of 24.1% when hitters got ahold of it they hit it pretty well for a .288 AVG, .825 OPS, and a 127 wRC+.

GIF made by Nate Watt. Blurb written by Daniel Port

Pruitt’s Slider was really good in 2019 as it drew a really impressive 52.1 O-Swing% while combining it with a 17.2 SwStr% and 43.2 Zone% (That’s a money pitch!) while holding hitters to a mere .547 OPS. Given it’s numbers you would expect more than a 23.0 K% so you have to wonder if perhaps more Ks will be on the way if Pruitt chooses to use his slider more in 2020.

GIF made by Nate Watt. Blurb written by Daniel Port
43.1% Thrown 91.9 MPH
27.1% Thrown 87.9 MPH
20.6% Thrown 83.0 MPH
9.2% Thrown 85.7 MPH

Pruitt’s fastball was frankly not a good pitch in 2018. It was knocked to a .403 wOBA and provided no whiffs. The fastball limited Pruitt from more overall success.

The slider looks similar to the curveball in its performance, boasting plus chase and zone rates while generating a respectable amount of swings and misses. The slider, though, performed better on contact, allowing just a .493 OPS.

Pruitt’s curveball looks solid by the plate discipline numbers, with zone and chase rates both topping 45%. It did not earn a whole lot of whiffs, allowing lots of balls in play and a .377 BABIP to bring down its performance on the year.

Despite three home runs allowed in just 96 uses, Pruitt’s changeup graded as a positive pitch. He worked it in the strike zone at a 46.9% clip while still earning a chase out of the zone nearly 40% of the time. This enabled him to limit batters to a .712 OPS on his changeup.

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