Andrew Cashner

Age 34
  • Born 09/10/1986
  • Bats R
  • Team: Free Agents
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27.8% Thrown 84.5 MPH 25 CSW%
11.1% Thrown 80.6 MPH 19.8 CSW%
12.9% Thrown 85.8 MPH 28.4 CSW%

Over the course of a rocky career, Cashner’s changeup has been decent, but last season it reached near elite levels with a pVAL of 11.6 and an O-Swing rate of 40%.

GIF made by Mike Guzman. Blurb written by Nate Musser

Cashner has taken out and re-inserted his curveball into his pitch mix a couple different times in his career. With a career pVAL of -30, he should probably just let this pitch die.

GIF made by Mike Guzman. Blurb written by Nate Musser

The slider has been a consistent out pitch for Cashner throughout his career. Opposing hitters are only managing a .254 wOBA against it, alongside a 30% K rate.

GIF made by Mike Guzman. Blurb written by Nate Musser
34.0% Thrown 91.9 MPH
26.5% Thrown 92.9 MPH
13.3% Thrown 80.9 MPH
13.2% Thrown 83.7 MPH
13.0% Thrown 85.7 MPH

Averaging 91.8 mph, Cashner’s two-seam fastball was more hittable than in the past as evidenced by the 93.9% contact rate against the pitch in 2018. The result was that opposing hitters teed off on the pitch to the tune of a .330 batting average against while slugging .549. Despite a 41.5% ground-ball rate, the pitch gave up 10 HRs this past year because of an elevated 18.9% HR/FB rate. Overall this pitch was worth a rough -10.5 pVal.

The 93.1 mph average velocity of Cashner’s four-seam fastball in 2018 was the lowest of his career to date, and the results with it weren’t very pretty. Opposing batters hit .288 against it and slugged .532, and the result was a -7.3 pVal. A 41.6% fly-ball rate against the pitch last year is troublesome, especially playing in the AL East.

Cashner’s curveball is the clear worst option in his repertoire as it surrendered a .312 batting average to opposing hitters and a .571 slugging percentage. While it succeeded in generating ground balls with a 51.5% mark in 2018, it failed in terms of missing bats with just a 5.1% swinging-strike rate. All told, it was worth a -9.9 pVal.

Cashner’s changeup was the only positive pitch in 2018 for him according to pVal at 1.3. It featured an above-average 14.5% swinging-strike rate, which likely is a result of his ability to generate a strong 40.3% chase rate with it this past season. Opposing batters hit .244 against it and slugged .400.

Some call this pitch a cutter as it featured less overall movement, but whatever its name, it’s a rather mediocre pitch. The breaker wasn’t punished often — just a .114 ISO — but an uninspiring 28% O-Swing and sub 35% zone rate means it’s not doing a whole lot for him in his repertoire.

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