AJ Ramos

Age 33
  • Born 09/20/1986
  • Bats R
  • Team: Free Agents
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24.2% Thrown 88.3 MPH
23.1% Thrown 91.7 MPH
20.1% Thrown 80.4 MPH
15.3% Thrown 91.2 MPH
10.9% Thrown 75.7 MPH
6.4% Thrown 83.8 MPH

Ramos came into MLB with a cutter but did not use it as more than a tendency-breaker until the start of the 2018 season. With a 10 mph band between low- and top-end velocity across his career, Ramos has yet to find consistency in the pitch. Opponents have yet to be fooled either, knocking a line drive on nearly 44% of balls in play and generating a .316/.480/.579 slash line against the offering.

Ramos saw his four-seam fastball drop to a career-low 91.7 mph and 22.5% usage rate. Opponents were not fooled by the pitch, posting a .333 Avg., .522 OBP, and .733 SLG in early 2018, With a major shoulder surgery closing the books on Ramos’ 2018 campaign, it remains to be seen whether he could (or should) return to a heavy use of his fastball.

Ramos’ primary offering in 2017 saw a severe drop in usage in 2018, falling below 19%. Featuring more of a spike than a sweep, the results remained fairly positive with the opponents hitting just .167 against the pitch. This may be more fortune than fate, however, as batters posted just a .250 BABIP and a 12.5% ground-ball rate against the pitch.

A professionally developed pitch, Ramos upped the usage of his two-seam grip to a career-high 13.9% during the 2018 season. The pitch proved to be pretty effective, evidenced by a 54.5% ground-ball rate and four singles spread across 14 total batters. After a tough 2018 season that ended under the knife, Ramos will look to continue honing this pitch during his road to recovery.

In 2018, Ramos returned to using his curveball as his primary offspeed offering. The slow, sweeping pitch was effective enough in limited, use but a closer look reveals it found the strike zone just 30 percent of the time and generated a swinging strike only three times across 43 total tosses.

Ramos reared back for his changeup just 23 times in 2018, making this pitch difficult to project going forward. While it was effective against the seven opponents who saw it, Ramos revealed a dip in average velocity (from 85.3 to 83.8 mph) and movement before undergoing season-ending shoulder surgery.

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