Pitcher List’s 2018 Mock Draft Results

It’s the offseason and we miss baseball. To help us forget that four months separate us and the peak of draft season, 13 members of the Pitcher List staff gathered to take part in a “way-too-early” mock draft, which concluded just last week. Here are the results:

A few notes:

  • 23 round with a 5×5 roto league in mind
  • Position slots: C (Gray), 1B (Brown), 2B (Green), SS (Black), 3B (Light Blue), OF, OF, OF (Orange), UTIL, UTIL (Dark Teal) | SP SP SP (Red) RP RP RP (Dark Blue) P P P | 4 Bench Spots
  • 13 teams with no strict draft clock as we drafted over two weeks

Through the next few weeks, each writer will have an article detailing their thoughts behind each pick of this 23 round draft and we’ll be updating this article to link to each piece as they are released:

Let’s dive into it in the comments below and check out the thread on Reddit’s /r/Fantasybaseball to dive in further.

Nick Pollack

Founder of PitcherList.com. Rotographs and Washington Post contributor and has worked with CBS Sports, Grantland, and SB Nation. Former pitching coach and Brandeis alum.



Fresh Meat

Can you break down the color coordination? I couldn’t find it. Thanks

I did the same thing but I am not matching up like yours at all.

The Kraken

I really like your timing on this. It is funny that drafts fall into two buckets, way too early… and just mock drafts. The end of the current season seems like a valuable time for analysis despite the trend to take a huge break and re-evaluate. It is weird to me that people don’t really make top 100 lists at the end of the season – they would rather speculate what will happen next year than analyze what actually just happened. Long story short, I am looking for some rankings going into next year and the pickings are slim. I can’t imagine this being that much different in 3 months.

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