On the Barrel Podcast Episode 15 — Danny Hot Takes

Jonathan Metzelaar, Dave Cherman, and Dan McNamara cover all things first basemen, including Rhys Hoskins, Max Muncy, Jesus Aguilar, Miguel Cabrera, Joey Gallo, Joey Votto, Luke Voit, and Ryan Zimmerman.

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  • Is first base deep? (2:00)
  • Rhys Hoskins (6:45)
  • Joey Votto (10:00)
  • Jesus Aguilar (19:15)
  • Aguilar or Olson? (26:53)
  • Joey Gallo (29:00)
  • Max Muncy (38:00)
  • Miguel Cabrera (50:40)
  • Encarnacion, Miggy, or Carlos Santana? (57:00)
  • Luke Voit (1:03:40)
  • Is Luke Voit a top-10 first baseman? (1:16:52)
  • Ryan Zimmerman (1:18:37)
Jonathan Metzelaar

Jonathan Metzelaar is a writer and content manager with Pitcher List, and co-host of the On the Barrel podcast. He enjoys long walks on the beach, quiet dinners by candlelight, and essentially any other activity that will distract him from the perpetual torture of being a New York Mets fan. He's written for Fangraphs Community Research and created Youtube videos about fantasy baseball under the moniker "Jonny Baseball."


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