Matt Boyd’s Slider and the Nastiest Pitches from 5/8

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Matt Boyd’s Slider



Matt Boyd‘s impressive beginning to this season continued on Monday, with Boyd striking out six over six innings of one-run ball. One of his more effective tools this season has been the slider depicted above, which looks borderline unhittable much of the time.


Seranthony Dominguez’s Slider



While he hasn’t been particularly effective to start the year, Seranthony Dominguez showed the red-hot Paul DeJong that he still has plenty of nasty stuff in the ol’ toolbelt, with a 99 mph heater to boot.


Charlie Morton’s Curveball



Even as he approaches his 36th birthday, Charlie Morton still has an incredible repertoire, one including this ridiculous curveball. Move over Charlie Blackmon, there’s a (not really new) Chuck Nazty in town.


Chris Sale’s Slider



Not really sure what Hanser Alberto is doing jumping up and down here; maybe he’s just as excited as us seeing movement that ridiculous on this Chris Sale slider.


Kyle Gibson’s Changeup



Poor Randal Grichuk never stood a chance. What Kyle Gibson lacks in blow-you-away heat, he makes up for with spin and movement. Faced with the stupefying drop on this pitch, Grichuk closer resembles Brett Hull than a professional baseball player.


Kirby Yates’ Slider



Though he’s had a couple oopsies in the ninth inning lately, Kirby Yates has still been unquestionably one of the best relievers in MLB this season. Explosive rookie Pete Alonso is left with a whole lot of nothing on this swing, which nearly brought him to his knees.


GIF of the Night


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That’s a Kirby Yates changeup in the gif… You can even see his circle grip. I think you mixed up Dominguez and Yates because I’m pretty sure the SerAnthony gif is a slider.

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