Logan Webb’s Curveball and the Nastiest Pitches From 8/31

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Logan Webb’s Curveball



What an impressive first three starts for Mr. Webb. 16K to 4BB. At least 4 and 2/3rds in every start. Snapping off curves like this one (making Manny Machado look silly in the process). The Giants may be in a weird transition period, but Webb will cushion the pitching hardships that they have on the horizon.


Seth Lugo’s Curveball



I love Seth Lugo (hard to say this as a Nationals fan). Converted starter, can go multiple innings, can bring 97 and snap off gorgeous breakers like this one. He is incredibly versatile and underappreciated in the current baseball zeitgeist.


Adam Ottavino’s Slider



Ho hum, another Ottavino slider GIF. I’d put my money on Ottavino being the most tagged pitcher during this season of “Nastiest Pitches”. Frankly, it isn’t hard to see why.


Stephen Strasburg’s Changeup



With last night’s 8IP, 14K gem, Strasburg has opened the door to the “Cy Young Room”. Scherzer is falling behind in innings, Ryu has been mortal, Kershaw, well, Kershaw is right there with Strasburg. As of right now, the NL Cy Young race is the hottest award showdown out there. Lets see if changeups like this one can propel Strasburg to what everyone expected him to be out of college – a Cy Young winner.


Clayton Kershaw’s Curveball



Kershaw may not be as dominant as he used to be (those were some historic heights), but, as alluded to above, he has once again planted himself firmly into Cy Young discussions. This curveball is surely of that caliber.


GIF of the Night


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