James Paxton’s Curveball and the Nastiest Pitches from 8/12

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James Paxton’s Curveball


The James Paxton trade hasn’t gone quite as swimmingly as the Yankees were hoping, as the big Canadian lefty has submitted the worst season of his career for New York’s viewing displeasure. His 11.4 K/9 is the second-best of his career at the least, but he’s absolutely hemorrhaging home runs. Yankees fans are hoping he can turn things around down the stretch, or pick things up in the playoffs at the very least.


Oliver Drake’s Splitter


Oliver Drake has made waves this season for some ridiculous highlight reel pitches, but his performance overall has been middling. He has a 3.77 ERA, with a respectable if unspectacular 10.7 K/9. The Rays obviously have more than enough arms as is though, and if Drake unlocks his full potential, Tampa’s bullpen will be even more terrifying than it already is.


Merrill Kelly’s Sinker


To say the last couple weeks haven’t gone Merill Kelly‘s way would be a gross understatement, as the Houston native owns an 8.47 ERA in that span, with a mediocre 6.88 K/9. Overall, he hasn’t moved the needle much in his first season stateside.


Eduardo Rodriguez’s Curveball


Finally having his health cooperate, E-Rod’s 2019 has been a pretty underwhelming season, all things considered. His 13-5 record is pretty, but nobody’s excited about his 4.31 ERA and sub-9 K/9. He’s only four starts away from surpassing his career-high in starts, and has already set a career-high in innings pitched. Rodriguez was unimpressive on Monday, allowing 5 ER and 10 H over 6 IP, though this curve was a thing of beauty.


Felipe Vazquez’s Fastball


As a change of pace from the mostly disappointing crop of seasons from today’s pitchers, Felipe Vazquez has continued his run as one of the absolute best relievers in baseball, bearing a 1.75 ERA while striking out a ridiculous 14.1 per 9. It’s crazy to think just a few weeks ago, we were talking about the possibility of him being traded. Since 2017 he owns a 2.08 ERA and he’s been worth every penny of the big extension the Bucs signed him to.


GIF of the Night


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