What is Pitcher List?

Pitcher List is a baseball analytics site created by Nick Pollack. It houses the Pitcher GIF database, which features GIFs of every pitcher’s repertoire in the majors, and rankings of the top fantasy players each week.

I love what you do at Pitcher List, how can I help it grow?

First and foremost, thank you! It’s readers like you that have helped make Pitcher List what it is today.

The best thing you can do is tell others about us. Pitcher List is funded by its readers on Patreon, where everything we raise it poured back into the site, let it be development costs, site upkeep, or paying our talented writing staff. No, Nick does not make a cent off this.

Do you write only about fantasy baseball?

The goal at Pitcher List is to be an all-encompassing baseball site, a haven for baseball geeks like us to enjoy every aspect of the sport.

How do I become a writer at Pitcher List?

Please take a look at our Write For Us page. We hope you’re a great fit to join the team, even if it’s just for one Community Post!

I found an error on the site, how could you do this?

It’s bound to happen. Pitch labels are often gray areas, decimal places go in the wrong spot, and words are tricky. If you see an egregious error, please let us know at [email protected].

What does [random term] mean?

We use a lot of sabermetric terms as well as make plenty of terrible inside jokes. We have made a Glossary to help you out.

Yeah, but that Glossary doesn’t explain xStats or VPR.

Dave Cherman gave an introduction to xStats here. We will be featuring an article dedicated to VPR shortly. Be on the lookout for it to come out shortly, and in the meantime yell at me on Twitter.

You should have [random awesome feature] on the site. Why don’t you have it?

Because you haven’t told us yet! Also, if you’re interested in seeing us add more elements to the site, please considering supporting us on Patreon.

How are you able to feature GIFs?

Fair Use is a real thing and we make sure to stay well within its boundaries.

I would like to advertise on Pitcher List’s podcast and website. Who do I contact?

For all advertising inquiries, please email [email protected]

How can we hang out more?

You can talk to Nick directly on Twitter at @PitcherList, or support us on Patreon and you’ll get access to the Pitcher List Community slack channel where the entire staff is chatting away 24/7. It’s a fun time.