Chaz Roe’s Slider and the Nastiest Pitches from 4/22

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Chaz Roe’s Slider


Truly, there is no more iconic duo than Nasty Pitch Roundups and Rays pitchers. This masterpiece combines movement across the entire strike zone with a drop from Hamilton’s knees to the dirt. Whatever they’re feeding their pitchers in Tampa, it’s working.


Jack Flaherty’s Fastball


The job Flaherty does here of jamming Lorenzo Cain makes Lone Starr look like a chump.


Yonny Chirinos’ Splitter


The second Tampa Bay rep on today’s list, the wicked sink on this one had Mondesi flailing at a whole lot of nothing. His brilliant start to the season makes a whole lot of sense seeing him throw cheat code pitches like this.


Joe Musgrove’s Slider


Considering the breadth of Joe Musgrove’s repertoire, I can’t really blame Eduardo Escobar for looking so unprepared for this slider. Combine said element of surprise with ludicrous drop, and it’s good night Irene.


Adam Kolarek’s Fastball


So nice, they made it thrice. While Kolarek may lack the fifth gear heat of most of Tampa Bay’s bullpen standouts, he makes up for it with movement in spades. This pitch managed to graze the entire bottom of the strike zone on its way past the red-hot Alex Gordon


Edwin Diaz’s Slider


It almost feels like cheating at times how consistently we’re able to lean on Edwin Diaz, but the man isn’t the best closer in baseball for nothing. This time it’s his slider making the cut, dropping nicely below the quick bat of Roman Quinn. Nothing’s sweeter than sugar, and Diaz proves that once again this time out.


Note: Thanks a lot to fellow Pitcher List writer John Vaghi for the assist on tonight’s GIFs!


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Musgrove’s pitch was a fastball, just one with a lot of downward plane and sink.

Nate Watt

Hey, thanks for pointing this out! In hindsight I have no idea how I messed this one up, considering the velocities on the two pitches are so drastically different. I appreciate the correction!

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