The Pitcher Plate Discipline Rankings 5/25

The Pitcher Plate Discipline Rankings are back! This week Daniel Port revisits Stephen Strasburg to see what's changed and puts Hyun-Jin Ryu's 2019 under the microscope!

The Pitcher Plate Discipline Rankings 2019 Edition – Week 6

The Pitcher Plate Discipline Rankings comes back with a vengeance! This week Daniel Port explores two pitchers off to incredible starts and determines whether is an illusion or the real deal!

The Pitcher Plate Discipline Rankings 2019 Edition- 05/04

In this week's edition of Pitcher Plate Discipline, we analyze two NL West pitchers. We also may want to re-name this post "Always Late" since it's the third week we haven't posted on our Thursday slot.

The Pitcher Plate-Discipline Rankings 2019 Edition: 4/24

Week 3 of the Pitcher Plate-Discipline Rankings is here! Join Daniel Port as he takes a look at the rankings and discusses three pitchers who caught his eye!

The Pitcher Plate-Discipline Rankings 2019 Edition: 04/19

Alex Drennan and Daniel Port are back with the latest edition of the Plate Discipline leaderboard. Hope you like heatmaps, because this article has nine of them.

The Pitcher Plate Discipline Rankings 2019 Edition: 4/11

There is more than one way to evaluate a pitcher. Join Alex Drennan and Daniel Port as they revive the Pitcher Plate Discipline Rankings for the 2019 Season!

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Starting Pitcher Metrics – Updated Rankings and Analysis

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now he's just some Bundy that I used to know...

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