Undervalued OBP Targets

In this week's rendition of Undervalued OBP Targets, we consider the staying power of surging slugger Max Muncy, and gauge Jake Bauer's mixed league relevance. And of course: a Mystery Player.

Undervalued OBP Sources: Texas Two Step (Bregman, Kiner-Falefa)

On Base Percentage. A metaphor for life. How often do we thrive, how often do we falter? Either way, there is Isiah Kiner-Falefa.

Undervalued OBP Targets – Austin Meadows

We consider the immediate fantasy value of Pirates outfielder Austin Meadows, and a take a journey into a hypothetical world where his upside is reached.

Undervalued OBP Sources: Adams and Family

This week, we investigate if Matt Adams has finally blossomed, and test your baseball savvy with a mystery player.

Undervalued OBP Sources – Soler Power and The Son of a Hall of Famer

We take a look at a rejuvenated Jorge Soler, and cast light upon the unheralded son of a Hall of Famer.

Undervalued OBP Targets – Walkers on the Rise

Improved approach or small-sample mirage? We take a look at players who have increased Walk Rate.

Undervalued SB Targets – Lee and Smith

We head to the southeastern peninsula for some deep-league stolen bases potential.

Undervalued OBP Sources (and an Ode to Anthony Rendon)

Tim Acree breaks down sneaky plays for your OBP league.