Batter’s Box: Sup Pham

Jim Chatterton touches on the best hitters from Thursday's games and wonders how he may blossom into an MLB star when he turns 30.

Batter’s Box: The Choi is Mine

Scott Chu takes you through Wednesday's best pieces of hitting.

Batter’s Box: What light through Yonder window breaks?

Scott Chu takes you through Tuesday's best pieces of hitting.

Batter’s Box: A Desmond is Forever

Scott Chu tells you all about Monday's hitting performances.

Batter’s Box: Hurricane Andrus

Scott Chu recaps Sunday's hitting action and provides some takeaways for a few hot and cold starts.

Batter’s Box: Don’t Talk to Me or My Donaldson Ever Again

Jim Chatterton uncovers Saturday's interesting crop of hitting performances, including Chris Davis' breakout four RBI game.

Batter’s Box: The Meadowlands

Jim Chatterton touches on the best hitting performances from Friday, including a good number of two home run games.

Batter’s Box: Galvi-nize

Jim Chatterton catches you up on all the best hitters you missed from Thursday's slate of games including a new and improved Freddy Galvis.

Batter’s Box: DeJong and the Restless

Scott Chu recaps Wednesday's juiciest hitting performances.

Batter’s Box: Steely Dan

Scott Chu provides takeaways from a selection of Tuesday's hitting performances.

Batter’s Box: Nicky Markakis and the Funky Bunch

Scott Chu (@chusephesquire) takes you through some hitting lines of note from Monday's action.

Batter’s Box: For Whom the Bell Tolls

Scott Chu goes over some of Sunday's interesting hitting performances.

Batter’s Box: Carry On My Heyward Son

Jim Chatterton explores the most notable hitting performances from Saturday, including a possible resurgence of Jason Heyward.

Batter’s Box: Reduce, (don’t) Reuse, Re-Cycle

Jim Chatterton explores the best hitters from Friday's games, including the first cycle of the year and a home run from each side of the plate for Ketel Marte.

Batter’s Box: Gleyber, Gleyber, Hallelujah

Jim Chatterton discusses the top hitters from the non-postponed games throughout Thursday.

Batter’s Box: You’re the Yoan that I Want

Scott Chu provides a recap some of Wednesday's most noteworthy hitting performances.

Batter’s Box: Be the Hunter, not the Hunted

Scott Chu goes through some of Tuesday's best pieces of hitting.

Batter’s Box: If a Grichuk Could Chuck Wood

Scott Chu takes you through some of the best hitting performances of Monday night.

Batter’s Box: Where There’s a Willians, There’s a Way

Willians Astudillo is big, he's bad, and he's batting 1.000. Get the rundown on him and other notables from Sunday in the Batter's Box.

Batter’s Box: Joc Jams

Jim Chatterton recaps the top hitters of yesterday's games including most of the Dodgers and a few post-hype sleepers.