Tim Jackson

Tim Jackson is a writer and educator who loves pitching duels. Find him Going Deep for PitcherList and on Twitter @_TimJackson.

World Series Preview: Nationals vs. Astros

The World Series is here! Tim Jackson and Dave Cherman break down the series ahead of Game 1.

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Tim Jackson tries to figure out the cause of cold, hard regression for starting pitchers on the Phillies, Rockies, and Mariners.

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Tim Jackson builds off the Pitcher List Discord community's reaction to Edwin Díaz’s latest meltdown to see if the reliever is possibly tipping his pitches.

Going Deep: Sneaky K% Surgers of the Last Month

Tim Jackson sifts through K% surgers over the last month to find pitchers who may have tweaked their games for the better.

Going Deep: Which Hitters Are Faking Their Power This Season?

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Going Deep: Why Haven’t We Talked About Gio Urshela Yet?

Tim Jackson declares that it's time to pay attention to Gio Urshela as one of baseball's best third basemen this year and has the data to support it.

Going Deep: Inside the Rays’ and Astros’ Quiet But Compelling Deadline Adds

Tim Jackson examines how the quiet additions of Trevor Richards, Joe Biagini, and Aaron Sanchez could make a big impact down the stretch for their new clubs.

Going Deep: The Rays’ Pitching Staff Is the Best, and Sneakily Unique

Tim Jackson goes in depth on how the Rays have managed to be baseball's best pitching staff in 2019.

Mindfulness in Baseball? It’s Not What You Think, Part 2

In the second part of this two-part series, Tim Jackson speaks with Katherine Roberts, Founder of Human Performance for Sports, about how players can best use their breath and mindfulness when the game is on the line.

Mindfulness in Baseball? It’s Not What You Think, Part 1

In part one of this two part series, Tim Jackson speaks with Matthew Repplinger, founder of ProPositiveYoga, about how mindfulness and breath can impact a player off the field.

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Tim Jackson examines five hitters who could have big second halves based on recent drops in their swinging strike percentage.

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Tim Jackson sifts through all the ways Lourdes Gurriel, Jr. has improved this year, and how it could impact the Blue Jays long-term.

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Tim Jackson delves into whether Paul Goldschmidt will find his groove again or if he's entering a new phase in his career.