Jim Chatterton

Jim has written for Razzball and now is a part of the Pitcher List staff. He is a Villanova alum and an eternally optimistic Mets fan. He once struck out Rick Porcello in Little League.

Batter’s Box: An Oldie but a Goodie

Jim Chatterton gives a sampling of Saturday's best hitters and why Brett Gardner is having his best season yet.

Batter’s Box: As Lux Would Have it

Jim Chatterton explores the best hitters from Friday's matchups.

Batter’s Box: Seeing Red

Jim Chatterton dives into Thursday's best hitters and the changes Eugenio Suarez has made to fight for the NL home run title.

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Jim Chatterton explores Saturday's best hitters and uncovers where Ohtani's power has gone.

Batter’s Box: Willie or Won’t He

Jim Chatterton discusses Friday's top hitting performances and if Willie Calhoun will become the hitter we've hoped for.

Batter’s Box: Schwarby Parker

Jim Chatterton explores the best hitters from Thursday's games and how the Cubs could have beaten the Packers.

Batter’s Box: Party Like it’s 1999

Jim Chatterton digs into the top hitters from Saturday's games including the longest hitting streak of the season.

Batter’s Box: Brian Helps You Win Good

Jim Chatterton provides his take on the top hitters of Friday's games.

Batter’s Box: 24 Caratini Gold

Jim Chatterton explores the best hitting performances of Thursday plus all the home run records set yesterday and more that will be coming our way.

Batter’s Box: Long Live the King

Jim Chatterton explores Saturday's top hitters from around the league.

Batter’s Box: Gregarious Gregorius

Jim Chatterton details Friday's best hitters including the 19 runs scored by the Marlins.

Batter’s Box: Free Willy

Jim Chatterton explores the best hitting performances of Thursday's games.

Batter’s Box: Sanó Place like Home

Jim Chatterton explores Saturday's most dangerous hitters including a Miguel Sanó with a bit of plate discipline.

Batter’s Box: Grandpa’s Boy

Jim Chatterton details the best hitters from Friday's games, and how to live up to your legend of a grandfather.

Batter’s Box: Amen, Rosario

Jim Chatterton details all of the two home runs pairs from Thursday's games.

Batter’s Box: High Altituve

Jim Chatterton discusses the best hitters from Saturday, so it's just the Astros and Aristides Aquino.

Batter’s Box: J.D. Stands for Just Dingers

Jim Chatterton takes a look at the best J.D.s in the game and who hit well on Friday.

Batter’s Box: Aristides the Just

Jim Chatterton is back to give you the daily dose of the best hitters from Thursday's games.

Batter’s Box: Agent Smith

Jim Chatterton gives you the players that kept their cool in the sweltering heat at the plate on Saturday.

Batter’s Box: My Oscar Nominee

Jim Chatterton serves up the top hitting performances from Friday's games including a couple of six RBI games.